Qq is for – Quandary

Oh, what a Quandary I’ve been in, over the past couple of days, but happily not of the unpleasant kind. In this post for the Gould “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge”  it’s a delight to share my most recent and incredibly delightful quandary. The question/ dilemma/ puzzle has been to decide which of the very worthy applicants for a KIVA loan would “kick start” me as a Kiva lender in an ongoing Memorium to my precious mum. What a delightful, and delicious dilemma, to be in, eh? …


The sadness is always upon me that mum is no longer here to “chew the fat” with … do “the ins and outs of… every little thing you can think of” with, get grumpy with, laugh and make-up with and always the sharing of the family stories. 

It was a shock to realise that it’s now five years since I’ve felt mum’s loving arms around me, was about to fall into a wailing heap on the Anniversary of her death and then it seemed that her voice came to me … “don’t be maudlin’ Catherine!!!” Within a split second I saw the way forward. A way to overcome my sadness and deal with these seemingly endless feelings of loss. A KIVA loan, in mum’s memory!!! … now I was smiling again.

I’ve read about the “Genealogists for Families” KIVA team, relate to their Motto: “We loan because we care about families (past, present and future)”, decided it was a good idea but never got around to doing anything about it until I got “the message” from mum on the 5th Anniversary of her death and could see her acting out her mother’s rather rude response to the plaintive weepings and wailings of the child mum was back in the early 1930’s when she’d be saying to Nana “I wish……..”

OK … with my mind now made up but feeling a little unsure about how to go about it remembered that Pauleen, in her “Family History Across the Seas” blog, wrote about the process some time ago so checked this out too and was ready to fly!!!

Then came my Quandary and the delicious and delightful dilemma of choosing who would be the first recipient?  The KIVA website made it so easy. On the left hand sidebar I simply indicated the type of person and their aspirations that mum would most like to support. Up popped a couple of likely recipients but it was Lizzbeth Marisol, from Peru, whom I decided on and am sure that mum would be well pleased.

Lizzbeth Marisol was requesting a loan of $400 to help cover the cost of processing and obtaining her B.A. Degree in Accounting and also purchase books, learning materials to pursue further studies in languages to help progress her career opportunities. The KIVA website provided more information about Lizzbeth, her family life, study and work history and within the blink of an eye knew that Lizzbeth was mum’s choice.

Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout, 1956 (c) C.A.Crout-Habel

Mum was always passionate about education and insistent that girls’ should have the same educational opportunities as boys. Happily another 11 people joined me, with a small loan to Lizzbeth, and she now has the $400 to continue her education.

May you forever R.I.P. my precious mum, Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout.



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