Finding Family… dad’s 1st cousin 2x removed

Is there a more satisfying feeling when you’ve gone that extra mile, checked that extra record, about to “throw in the towel” and then SUCCESS???…¬† I’m smiling ūüėĬ†¬†

My dad’s “Crout family”, from Hampshire, England, are a complicated bunch but so so interesting. ¬†After much hunting and searching I reckon I’ve finally located all of my Great Great Grandfather’s 10¬†siblings. Takes a heck of a lot of time to do even a¬†quick search of each of them, especially if they too have large families… and some of them sure¬†do… puff puff puff.

Well, I’ve been slowly¬†working through Great Great Grandad’s siblings and finally got to¬†one of his 5¬†younger sisters, Frances Sophia Crout.¬† Her second son, fathered 15 children!!!.¬† By the time I worked through all that lot, their marriages and their children, Frances Sophia’s next child was a bit of a relief, in some ways, as no documentary evidence jumped out at me. With a sigh of relief I was about to¬†put Henry Frederick to one side with the thought that maybe he’d died young and I just hadn’t found the evidence yet. Something stopped me and how happy I am that¬†it did for, to my delight and surprise, another fascinatingly interesting part of my family “came to light”.

BDM¬†indexes, census reports, passenger lists etc. show that¬†my 1st cousin 3x removed, Henry Frederick Johnston…¬†the fourth of my 2nd Great Grand Aunt’s children married Mary. They had 2 sons and then in 1902 Henry “scarpered across the pond” to Canada¬†without his wife and children just like my own Grandfather did 10 years later. However, much to my surprise, instead of¬†this Henry setting up with a new wife and family… his wife Mary and sons; Keith Stewart and Jack Murray joined him 10 years later.

Like my Grandfather, Henry (Harry) Eden Crout, young Jack also¬†joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and fought in France¬†throughout World War¬†1, although in different regiments.¬†I wonder if they knew each other? My Grandfather migrated to Montreal, Quebec… whilst Jack, his brother and parents moved to¬†Winipeg, Manitoba.

More work to be done yet, of course ūüôā … but what an amazing journey it’s been with these Crout’s, of mine. Despite the family stories, I’ve found¬†not a drop of Scottish blood in any of them. At least my Grandmother Marie Ogilvie’s dad, James,¬†was Scottish. You can read about that here¬†and a little about her Grandfather who was born, and died, in Elgin Scotland here.

However, I now know where my fascination with sailing ships comes from and that certainly is not just from my Grandpa, Frederick Alexander Allan.  

“Aye, aye, matie!!!” … ūüėÄ


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Whatever happened to you Rosa? …

Oh dear, Rosa Patience Crout … where are you??? … what happened to you after marrying my Great Grandfather Henry Eden Crout???¬† The last record I can find of you is in the 1881¬†England Census.¬† Did you die? … Did you divorce? … Did you re-marry? …


It was 2 Jun 1869 when 20 year old Rosa Patience Crout married Henry Eden Crout in the Camberwell Christ Church, Southwark London.¬† The London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 Record shows Henry to be a Bachelor, Clerk and son of Henry Edward Crout, Master in the Navy.¬† Rosa is registered as a¬†Spinster¬†and her father, John Thomas Crout, deceased.¬† There would appear to be some confusion here, or falsehoods told, as a number of¬†other records show Henry Eden Crout’s father to be a Wood, Coal and Timber Merchant and Rosa’s father whilst certainly deceased had, in fact,¬†been a Master in the Navy.

Rosa and Henry’s address is given as 4 Victoria Place, Green Hundred Road, Camberwell and there are no relatives recorded as witnesses.¬† This is maybe not surprising as both grew up in Portsea, Hampshire.¬†Their families were still living in Hampshire¬†at the time of the marriage which begs the question … why did they marry so far from family and far from¬†home?

It is unknown, at present, if and how Rosa and Henry and related but it seems most likely they are, given the repetition of the same name in both families…¬†particularly Patience which is not only Rosa’s second name but the name of her Grandmother Patience (Thomasen) Crout.¬† Her cousin, daughter of Uncle Frederick Orlando Crout, is also named Patience and one of Henry’s half sisters is named Ann Patience Crout.¬† Rosa also¬†had a brother named Hery Edward Crout, the same as her husband’s father, and a sister Eliza with the same name as her husband’s half sister. Furthermore, they all lived close to one another, sometimes in the same street.¬†

Of course, the replication of names in the two families is no proof that they’re related but is a likely indicator.¬† Research is continuing.

Rosa Patience Crout was born at Portsea, Hampshire the second daughter, and fourth of seven children to Sarah Elizabeth Ohlfsen and John Thomas Crout.¬† Henry Eden Crout was the first, and only child, of Mary and Henry Edward Crout and born at Gosport, Hampshire.¬† Henry’s mother died when he was about 5 years old and his father’s second wife, Jane Ellen Child, then gave birth to two daughters Ann Patience and Eliza Louisa Crout.¬†

After their marriage, the next documentation we have of Rosa Patience and Henry Eden Crout is 2 years later where the 1871 England Census records them living, as husband and wife, in Speen Hamland, Speen, Berkshire, England.

Ten years later there is a whole different story and we can only guess at what happened to bring about the change.¬† The 1881 Census shows Henry Eden Crout with the occupation of carpenter, married and living at 102 Palmerstone Road,¬†Wimbledon, Surrey, London. However¬†Henry’s wife, Rosa Patience Crout,¬†is not living with him¬†instead he has a “visitor” named Annie Moody and her 1 year old son, Henry Eden Moody.¬† Henry Eden Moody’s Birth Certificate shows he was born 21 Mar 1880 at Wandsworth Union Infirmary, Surrey, London to Annie Moody (domestic servant), father un-named.

So, where was Henry’s wife?¬† He was not recorded as a Widower so it would seem that Rosa Patience had not died.¬† Further¬†research finally¬†located Rosa Patience Crout in the 1881 Census where she is described as a Widowed Servant¬†working as a cook¬†for Amy S. Law and her three daughters. Mrs Laws is¬†“living on income from land” and Rosa is working and living with Mrs Laws, her daughters and other servants at 36 Outrams Road, Croydon, Surrey, England. Rosa was 32 years old.¬†

It seems quite clear that Rosa and Henry’s marriage “broke down”, for whatever reason, but what did Rosa do after 1881?¬† All searches have been fruitless, to date, but I will never give up trying to discover the fate of my Great Grandfather’s wife.¬† Hopefully Rosa Patience Crout went on to live a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Henry’s life, after the marriage breakup, is well recorded.¬† He went on to live¬†a stable family life with Annie Moody and her son Henry Eden Moody. No divorce record, nor remarriage documents,¬†have been located but Annie Moody’s and Henry Eden Moody’s surnames had changed to Crout by the time of the next¬†English Census. The family had moved to¬†Hampton Road, Willesden, London, by 1891 where Annie and Henry Crout (sen) continued trading in Coal and possibly other provisions¬†for at least another twenty years¬†and¬†maybe beyond.¬†Their grandaughter, Annie Ruby Crout, lived with them for some time.

Henry Eden Moody/Crout was their only child. He became a Clarinet Player in the 2nd Dragoon Guards,¬†married Marie Ogilvie and they had two children together … Annie Ruby and, eleven years later, my dad Harry Scarborough Crout but that¬†is another story, for another time. ¬†

Whatever happened to you, Rosa Patience Crout? … I hope your life was a happy one.


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