Game-based learning in the Physics classroom: Possibilities and challenges

Serious Gamer

Thomas Breitweg

School students spend a significant amount of their free time outside of the classroom with playing computer games (Baek, 2008, p. 665). It seems that students are more interested in mastering the next level of their currently favourite game than achieving a good mark in school. As student interest and participation in post-compulsory science, in particular in physics, has deteriorated over the last decades (Tytler, 2007, p. 13) it leads to the question whether this negative trend can be reversed by engaging students in physics issues through the use of computer games within the classroom. This essay will critically examine the possibilities and challenges of computer based learning within a physics classroom environment. It will be argued that despite the student-centred activity with the computer a strong teacher involvement is paramount for a successful learning outcome.

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Thinking… navel gazing… reflecting… call it what you like.  I love it!

From the time I was “knee high to a grasshopper” I’ve always wondered WHY? … asked endless questions and no doubt driven those around me nearly crazy and still it continues. As this blog is a legacy for my descendants, I’ve decided to start up “Thoughtful Thursday” posts to share some of the thoughts which have engaged me.


This week I’ve found the notion of SIWOTI to be particularly fascinating…

Cullen Habel. Last week after investigating the FaceBook post which claimed Microwaving damages the structure of food I concluded that all evidence pointed to it as being yet another of those FB scams. My eldest boy read the same FB post and through his blog introduced me to the notion of SIWOTI “Something Is Wrong On the Internet” which I really warmed to so am sharing today.

Cullen titled his blog post “Combating SIWOTI is a war within oneself“… please click HERE to read.

‘fess up to having been guilty of getting caught up many times in the SIWOTI spiral before finally coming to the conclusion that it is all a waste of time and energy and is most irritating to others. However I still find myself sometimes teetering on the edge of a relapse… and find SIWOTI to be a useful anagram acronym to help keep me “on the straight and narrow.”     😀

I wonder if SIWOTI is something which only teachers, and retired teachers, are tempted by or if the temptation is “across the board”?…

Just can’t help myself… 🙂


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