MUSICAL MONDAY: Teenage memories and rebellion…

One of the greatest, and most unexpected, joys of blogging has to be the friends you meet along the way whom tell the most amazing of stories which often trigger your own memories. The fun in the sharing is incomparable.

One such person is J.G. Burdette and her blog “Map of Time” which is such a joy, bringing to me so much new information and especially friendship, compassion and understanding… along with a goodly measure of laughter and good “old fashioned” fun.

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J.G’s most recent post is re: the Sinking of the Bismarck, which I recommend you read and can be accessed HERE.

Whilst reading J.G’s account of the sinking of the Bismarck significant moments, during my teenage years, came flooding back.  The song of the sinking, by Johnny Horton, kept ringing in my ears and I could see our old/ family home at 34 New Street, Queenstown, South Australia. There, in the lounge room, were my three brothers and I parading around, maybe pretending to be the “drummers” or marching or punching the air… or whatever.  What we were doing was having a jolly good time as we shouted out the words:

“…and we’ve gotta sink the Bismarck ‘cos the world depends on US!!!”

J.G’s fun reply to my comment, on her Blog, took me back to YouTube and to the most memorable song of all during those heady, fun and joyous years of my youth… The Battle of New Orleans“, also sung by Johnny Horton, of the USofA.

Happens that this tune has the same rousing “drum beat”, which we loved, but an additional attraction was that  it raised the ire of my dad who would often declare…

“I’m BRITISH… and PROUD OF IT!!!”…

So, being typical teenagers… my brothers and I enjoyed playing “The Battle of New Orleans” as loud as loud could be and especially raucously singing  words such as:

“… and we beat the BLOODY BRITISH, in a town in New Orleans!!!”

Oh, deary me… my poor dad. Teenage rebellion, of that type, must have been very difficult to swallow. Anyway, I’m laughing cos I’ve been “paid back” in spades by the small rebellious behaviours of my own three children.

Happens that Johnny Horton also released a British Version which didn’t appeal to my three brothers, and I, at all.

Thanks for bringing back the memories J.G… and especially  enabling me to share this particular part of our “Family Story” with the descendants.

Of course… as I’ve matured my heart is sad and so sorry for all those courageous men, of the German Navy, who battled on so fiercely, bravely and with great loyalty to their country. May they all forever R.I.P. and may the killing stop and the whole world find a way to live together peacefully.


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