Some of the surnames I’m researching are:

CROUT:  ENGLAND: Hampshire; Portsmouth , London,  CANADA: Montreal; AUSTRALIA: South Australia; Adelaide. Victoria; Melbourne

HABEL:  PRUSSIA:  AUSTRALIA: South Australia; Dutton, Loxton, Adelaide, Victoria; Tabor

OGILVIE:  SCOTLAND: Moray, Elgin, ENGLAND:  Yorkshire; Leeds

MCKENZIE:  SCOTLAND:  Invernesshire, Glenurquart,  Moray; Elgin

ROWEN:  IRELAND: County Clare  AUSTRALIA: South Australia; Armagh (near Clare), Laura;  New South Wales;  Broken Hill,  

MURRAY:  IRELAND:  County Kerry  AUSTRALIA: South Australia; Laura, Stone Hut, Port Pirie,  New South Wales;  Broken Hill  


ANDERSON:  SCOTLAND:  AUSTRALIA:  South Australia;  Mount Barker, Bugle Ranges, Renmark,  Adelaide, Burra,

10 thoughts on “SURNAMES

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog whilst searching for my uncle’s (Ken’s) address. It seems we are related by marriage (I am Robin’s daughter). Your blog is fascinating :). Hope all is well with you and yours!

    • Oh no…I can hardly believe this. It IS you, the beautiful Marisa, sister of Robin … daughter of Robin and Lilly now living way up there in Scandinavia. Yep, it’s me, your Uncle Ken’s sister.
      So glad you’re enjoying my blog… I’m trying to get as many family stories/ oral history recorded ASAP… i.e. before I too “fall off the twig” 😀
      We’re all doing fine. My three “chickadees” (your cousins) are all well and happy and have provided me with the 4 most adorable grandchildren who LOVE me to smithereens… ha ha ha 🙂 …what more could you want, eh?
      Well, I’m off now to check out your Blog too and wish you, and yours, every happiness. Much xxx and thanks for making contact Marisa. Stay in touch, eh?

      • Aunty Catherine!!! So excited to have found you via your blog!!! It’s amazing! I can’t believe that a random internet search for Uncle Ken’s address brought me here!!! So glad your beautiful kids and grandkids are all doing well 🙂 Really looking forward to reading more of your blog and following it too. Will definitely stay in touch! This has made my day. Love and best wishes to you and yours! xxx

  2. Oh… how wonderful is modern technology, eh Marisa? My youngest boy, your cousin Chad Sean, phoned me tonight just after packing to head off for a month in the USA attending conferences etc in LA and all over the place.
    He’ll be keeping in contact 🙂 and as I’ve said to him, and many others, I’m so lucky to have lived long enough to make use of this amazing latest technology. I’ve found Crout cousins we never even knew we had… and heaps of others and now you my lovely. Thanks so much for contacting me. Wait until I tell my gorgeous children 🙂 xxx

  3. Just saw article in Sunday Mail – Naughty girls of the Nashwauk. Intrigued by photo of Susan Kelleher, as we also have this photo in our family history, but with a completely different name etc. Would love to discuss this.

    • Hi Patricia,
      That is interesting. Susan’s history before emigrating continues to be a mystery. Perhaps you hold a key in your history or the photo has got mixed up along the way. I will email you to discuss further.


    • Hello Patricia. Sorry for the delay, I haven’t checked Mum’s blog for a long time. It sounds like we must be fairly closely related. Eliza Jane was my great great grandmother too. Your parents must be siblings of my Nana. We don’t know what happened to Bridget, either. Neither do we know either of their history before they came to Australia – do you have any info of them in Ireland before their immigration?

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