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  1. Dear Catherine,

    I am from a local County Clare newspaper and I am really interested in your family story. I was wondering if we could talk a bit more?

    The National Famine Commemoration is being held in Kilrush, Co Clare this month and seeing as there is so much family around etc it might be a good idea to get your story out and try find some more family links as I know you’ve previously tried to reach out.

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks for your message Bebhinn… I actually “like”/ follow the Kilrush Famine facebook page 🙂 I’ll email you direct to have a chat, so to speak…

  2. Hi, Catherine – many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog anniversary. You asked about how I had written my family history narratives. . I began writing up my mother’s Danson family research many years ago and have basically stuck with the same format – so it all very simply done on Word with photographs pasted in. I am not a great whizz with computer graphics etc. and have only a basic knowledge of Publisher, so have not gone down that route. . After each chapter I have added the relevant documents on that person such as census returns etc. I feel it makes more sense to have them at that point rather than all at the end in an appendix. I am a great believer in adding the social context to our ancestors’ lives as well, so have included something on where they lived and worked and also added a timeline of national, international and local events, inventions, developments etc.

    I get the finished work spiral bound at a local printers who make a very good job. It is amazing what a difference it makes to see the final work bound and overall I am pleased with them The blog came after I had started the narratives, so I had a lot of the material already written. I am now aiming to pull together the Personal Memories posts on my blog into a similar book, hopefully for the interest of my daughter and granddaughter. . But again I am just copying and pasting and making minor changes to the formatting. . The problem is knowing when to come to a halt and decide it is finished.. , So at the moment it is just in a report file, where I do not need to punch holes etc. I know that Pauleen (Cassmob) did something similar but in a more sophisticated electronic way in compiling a Book from her Blog, . I hope this helps and do keep me in touch on how you are writing up your material, beyond your blog. Thank you again for all your support. .
    Happy Researching and Happy Writing! Susan . .

    • Thanks Susan. I’ve sent you an email reply and sure hope it gets through to you. Thanks for your info on publishing. Helps me more than you could ever believe. Cheerio for now… Catherine 🙂

    • Hi Jenny,

      I’m certainly jig the blogger my Mum was, but I’d like to join your group.

      Thanks for the invite.


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