Remembrance Day and remembering…

“On the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month… we will remember them”. 

Right now I’m remembering back when I was shooting down the shop to do some messages and mum reminded me to “keep my wits about me” because it was Remembrance Day and when it turned 11 o’clock I was to STOP what I was doing, bow my head and remember those who gave their all in the War.

Querulous me asked… “but how will I know if it’s 11 o’clock” for I had no watch.  “Just keep your wits about you Catherine”… I did and I knew it was “the time” because everything, and everyone, stopped and the silence was palpable.

Remembrance Day is indeed the time for remembering and finally the War Service of our Indigenous Australian’s has been recognised with the unveiling of our Nation’s first memorial, here in Adelaide, South Australia dedicated to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Servicemen, and Servicewomen  and  and my heart just about bursts with pride and happiness.

I also learn that the Boer War, more than 110 years ago, marked the first time Aboriginal soldiers served on active duty with Australian services and then remember another reason to be proud to be South Australian. It’s that magnificent statue in our C.B.D. at the corner of King William Street and North Terrace honouring the 12,000 Australians who served in the six colony contingents which was the first time Australians had served/ fought overseas but because it was before “Federation” has been largely overlooked. These soldiers were volunteers and mostly mounted units known as MOUNTED RIFLES, BUSHMEN or IMPERIAL BUSHMEN. In honour of the 600 who died the SOUTH AFRICA WAR MEMORIAL was unveiled, here in Adelaide, on 4 June 1904 by Governor Le Hunte.

“Your stature is a statue of action and it betokens the action of Empire when it is called for” 

Then sadness overtakes me as I remember those whose sacrifices certainly are not honoured, not respected and their memorials are moved and/ or destroyed. To read about this please follow this LINK.


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We didn’t own an Ipad…

memories. commodoreMemories of those years when our home was filled with childhood noises: the laughter, the tears, the loud music, clanging toys, Michael Jackson’s poster, pac man  and everything else came flooding back when I first came across this Video.

Precious memories, special times…


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MUSICAL MONDAY: One Direction, my Irish Ancestry and all the rest…

One Direction 2013 - Source: Wikipedia

One Direction 2013 – Source: Wikipedia

My home town is aflame with excitement today as the “boy band“, One Direction, arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, to begin its Australian Tour and it’s all go go go

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Still waiting...

Still waiting…

Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Thanks to Wikipedia.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Thanks to Wikipedia.

To finally see their idols in action…

One Direction - first Australian concert, Adelaide, 23 Sep 2013

One Direction – first Australian concert, Adelaide, 23 Sep 2013

Whilst thinking about my Grand daughter’s joy today, I was also remembering my feelings of 50 years ago, and just a couple of years older than she is now, as I sat and cried with happiness to be in Centennial Hall, Adelaide, South Australia at the “Beatles” concert. Of course all I could see were tiny little specks on the faraway stage and all I could hear was the screaming of hysterical girls all around but it was indeed a night to remember.

Whilst the young folk are enjoying their night of delight right now, at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, I’ve been having a kind of shared pleasure here in my very own home. How could that be?… you may well ask.     😆    Well, I’ve been watching a vid of the Irish version of  “Kiss You”  and am loving trying to sing along in the beautiful Irish, which touches into my very soul and takes me right back to my Irish origins. What a delight to see young Irish people singing popular songs in their own language 🙂

If you’d like to have a sing along… here are the Lyrics.

Tá mé ‘g iarraidh thú a thóg(áil) amach liom anocht
Is cuma faoin am, cibé uair, cibé áit
Rachaidh muid ann a ghrá, ann a ghrá
Gabhfaidh muid ann a ghrá, yeah

Ó gabh i leith, gabh i leith, gabh i leith
Inis dom rud amháin
Inis cén chaoi ‘is a lastar do cheann
A bheabaí just scread amach, scread amach
A bheabaí just scread amach yeah!

Ó feicim thú
Tú ag tnúth
Lenár grá nu(a)

Yeah, ‘nois inis dom faoi chuile uair
A phógann(s) muid
Tosaíonn mo chroí ag crith
A bheabaí abair yeah, yeah yeaah
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Tá tú ag iarraidh crochadh thart
Tá tú ag iarraidh bheith i gceart
A bheabaí abair yeah, yeah yeaah
Yeah, yeah!
Gabh i leith ‘is póg mé

Na na na na na …………

Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Yeah, spraoi ‘is craic a bheas ann anocht
Fág seo!

La breá, inniu nó (a)márach
Geobhaidh me thú
Beidh tú liomsa, liomsa, liomsa
Aon am, is cuma cén t-am
(Tá) Tusa dhomsa
Ta tú dhomsa, dhomsa, dhomsa

For the English lyrics, and a vid of One Direction performing “Kiss You”, please click HERE

Seems to me that my head is a place where the distant past (of my ancestors), my personal past and my personal present kind of fuse, and come together, in the most unexpected of ways.  Maybe that’s how it is for you too? 


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