Always the loving  Mum and Nana... here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

Always the loving Mum and Nana… here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

On this, the 6th Anniversary of my beautiful mum’s death, I’m remembering how my daughter, and I, sat with her and what a terrible “passing” it was. Also how cruelly she was abandoned for the final 10 years of her life, by some of her family, which almost broke her heart and now reading their platitudinous comments¬†is most distressing.

However, this little gem just floated to me from “cyberspace” and I’m laughing along with my precious mum, whose wicked sense of humour comes shining through…

Love ya mum and thanks for the cheerup

This time last year I made my first “KIVA loan” in Mum’s memory and chose to loan to a young woman in Peru to help pay for her continuing Education, which is what mum would love. You can read about it HERE.


It’s¬†a delight to know how very little money can make such a huge difference in another¬†person’s life and to see them paying it back month by month simply adds to the pleasure¬†and enables you to re-loan to another deserving person who just needs a bit of a¬†“leg up”.¬† ¬†

Why not give it a try… a $25 loan can do so¬†much. For¬†more info just go to the Genealogists for Families’ Project¬† and see how very easy it is.

May you forever REST IN PEACE Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout
31 March 1925 Р6 September 2007




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