Finding Family… dad’s 1st cousin 2x removed

Is there a more satisfying feeling when you’ve gone that extra mile, checked that extra record, about to “throw in the towel” and then SUCCESS???…¬† I’m smiling ūüėĬ†¬†

My dad’s “Crout family”, from Hampshire, England, are a complicated bunch but so so interesting. ¬†After much hunting and searching I reckon I’ve finally located all of my Great Great Grandfather’s 10¬†siblings. Takes a heck of a lot of time to do even a¬†quick search of each of them, especially if they too have large families… and some of them sure¬†do… puff puff puff.

Well, I’ve been slowly¬†working through Great Great Grandad’s siblings and finally got to¬†one of his 5¬†younger sisters, Frances Sophia Crout.¬† Her second son, fathered 15 children!!!.¬† By the time I worked through all that lot, their marriages and their children, Frances Sophia’s next child was a bit of a relief, in some ways, as no documentary evidence jumped out at me. With a sigh of relief I was about to¬†put Henry Frederick to one side with the thought that maybe he’d died young and I just hadn’t found the evidence yet. Something stopped me and how happy I am that¬†it did for, to my delight and surprise, another fascinatingly interesting part of my family “came to light”.

BDM¬†indexes, census reports, passenger lists etc. show that¬†my 1st cousin 3x removed, Henry Frederick Johnston…¬†the fourth of my 2nd Great Grand Aunt’s children married Mary. They had 2 sons and then in 1902 Henry “scarpered across the pond” to Canada¬†without his wife and children just like my own Grandfather did 10 years later. However, much to my surprise, instead of¬†this Henry setting up with a new wife and family… his wife Mary and sons; Keith Stewart and Jack Murray joined him 10 years later.

Like my Grandfather, Henry (Harry) Eden Crout, young Jack also¬†joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and fought in France¬†throughout World War¬†1, although in different regiments.¬†I wonder if they knew each other? My Grandfather migrated to Montreal, Quebec… whilst Jack, his brother and parents moved to¬†Winipeg, Manitoba.

More work to be done yet, of course ūüôā … but what an amazing journey it’s been with these Crout’s, of mine. Despite the family stories, I’ve found¬†not a drop of Scottish blood in any of them. At least my Grandmother Marie Ogilvie’s dad, James,¬†was Scottish. You can read about that here¬†and a little about her Grandfather who was born, and died, in Elgin Scotland here.

However, I now know where my fascination with sailing ships comes from and that certainly is not just from my Grandpa, Frederick Alexander Allan.  

“Aye, aye, matie!!!” … ūüėÄ


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