My name is Catherine Ann Crout-Habel and I was born in South Australia (1946)the third child, and only daughter, of Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout and Harry Scarborough Crout…


4 Generations. Bottom: Catherine & Eliza Jane. Top: Kathleen & Elizabeth (c) C.A.Crout-Habel

Mum – Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout was born in the Port Adelaide district of South Australia and is the only daughter of Elizabeth Mary (Murray, Evans) Allan and Frederick Alexander Allan. There’s a Birthday Memorium to my mum HERE. To read about my Grandpa, Frederick Alexander Allan who arrived in Australia about 1920, just click HERE and HERE. Elizabeth’s first marriage was to Alfred Evans at Laura, South Australia and they had three children; Eric, Norman and Constance. There is a fun story HERE about my Nana and my Dad.

My Nana – Elizabeth Mary (Murray, Evans) Allan was born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, the first surviving child of Eliza Jane (Rowen) Murray and Peter Murray‘s 11 children. Eliza Jane was born in Armagh, South Australia and her husband, Peter Murray, was born (I believe) in County Kerry, Ireland and arrived in Australia in 1883 on the “Berar”. There is further research to be done on Peter Murray’s origins.

My Great-Grandmother – Eliza Jane (Rowen) Murray is the daughter of Susan (Kelleher Nicholls) Rowen who was born in County Clare, Ireland and arrived in Australia in 1855 on the ill-fated ship the “Nashwauk”. This Blog takes it’s name, in part, from Susan. You can read about the “Nashwauk”  and the shipwreck HERE. I’ve had no luck, at all, finding Susan’s family back in Ireland. Just click HERE  if you want to read about my frustrated attempts. Susan’s first marriage was to Edward Nicholls, the year after she arrived, and they had 3 daughters. Susan was widowed after 4 years of marriage and, 3 years later, married my Great Great Grandfather Timothy Rowen with whom she had another 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. Timothy arrived in Port Adelaide in 1859 aboard the “Utopia’ , from County Clare, Ireland, with his brothers Peter and Patrick and Patrick’s wife, Anne. Eliza and Timothy’s only son was named Andrew Rowen and you can read a little about his life, in Broken Hill, HERE.  

These two generations of the family lived mainly in Clare, Armagh, Laura and Port Pirie, in the rural mid-north of South Australia. Also, for varying periods of time, in Broken Hill, New South Wales, where Susan remained and is buried. In later years many moved to the city.

Dad – Harry Scarborough Crout was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on 4 Mar 1912 and is the only son of Marie (Ogilvie) Crout and Henry (Harry) Eden Crout. To read about his birth just click HERE. He arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1928  aboard the “Ballarat” alone and only 16. Dad travelled to Australia as part of the “Dreadnought Scheme”, which you can read about HERE. He had no intention of remaining in Australia. As a 16 year old, he believed “the roads were paved with gold” and planned to make lots of money to take home to his “mam” at Windhill, Shipley, Yorkshire, England. Tragically she died 3 years after her only child left for Australia and Dad never returned. This is the Marie in the title of this Blog

My Dad’s mum, Marie (Ogilvie) Crout was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England to Emma (Chadwick) Ogilvie and James Ogilvie who had 7 children, in all – 5 girls and 2 boys. To read about the family confusions/ myths/ stories about my Grandmother, Marie, just click HERE. Emma was also born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England and James Ogilvie was born in Elgin, Scotland. He moved to Leeds between 1871 and 1875 and died there in 1908, aged 54.

My Great Grandmother, Emma (Chadwick) Ogilvie’s parents were   Emma and James Chadwick. They had 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys. More research needs to be done on Emma (Chadwick) Ogilvie’s mother, also named Emma, as I don’t know her parentage/ maiden name, but I do know, from the Census, that she was born in 1830 in Stockport, Lancashire, England. Her husband, my Great Great Grand-father, James Chadwick, was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England and worked as a “currier”, as did his son-in-law, James Ogilvie.  

My paternal Great Grandfather, James Ogilvie who was born in Elgin Scotland, is the second son of Christina (McKenzie) Ogilvie and John Ogilvie. They had two sons and two daughters. Christina, was born in Glen Urquart, Invernesshire, Scotland to Margaret (Gray) McKenzie and John McKenzie.  Christina’s husband John Ogilvie was born in Elgin, Moray, Scotland to Jane (Gow) Ogilvie and James Ogilvie. I know, from his death certificate, that John Ogilvie had a brother James Ogilvie who, because he has his father’s birth name, is probably the elder brother. You can read about my Great Great Grandparents (Christina McKenzie and John Ogilvie) and John’s early death, in Elgin, HERE.  

My Dad’s DadHenry (Harry) Eden Crout was a clarinetist in the 2nd Dragoon Band and stationed at York, Yorkshire in 1899, when he married my Grandmother Marie Ogilvie. Shortly afterwards their first child, my dad’s sister Annie Ruby Crout, was born in London and Marie and the baby lived with his parents whilst their husband, and father, served in the Boer War South Africa. My Dad was born 12 years after his sister Annie Ruby Crout.   

My Grandfather Henry (Harry) Eden Crout was born in Battersea, London, England the only child of Annie Jane (Moody) Crout and Henry Eden Crout snr. Henry had previously been married to Rosa Patience Crout, a first cousin. It seems there were no children from this marriage and I have been unable to locate Rosa since the Census of 1881, when she was living & working as a cook in London, and Annie Jane (Moody) Crout, and son were “visitors” with Henry Eden Crout snr. who was also living in London. You can read about Rosa Patience Crout HERE.  

It was quite a shock to discover that my Grandfather, Henry (Harry) Eden Crout was a Londoner as we had believed he, and his wife Marie, were both Scottish – wrong, on both counts.

My Great Grandfather, Henry Eden Crout snr., was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, the only child of Henry Edward Crout and Mary (Cozens) Crout. Henry Eden was only 5 years old when his mother died – the following year his father married Jane Ellen Child and they had 2 daughters.  Both parents of Henry Eden Crout snr (Henry Edward Crout & Mary Cozens Crout) were born in Portsmouth, Hampshire England. Henry Edward Crout’s parents were Thomas Crout and Patience (Thomasen) Crout. Mary (Cozens) Crout’s parents were George Cozens and Susan Sarah (Morgan) Crout, both of whom were born around Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

My Great Grandmother, Annie Jane (Moody) Crout was born in Brixton, London to Thomas Moody and Anne (Holmes) Moody. Annie Jane was one of 9 children and both her parents were Londoners.

 I married in 1967 and there are three wonderful children, their spouses and 4 adored grandchildren from the marriage. I write about both sides of the Family Tree. It is for my beautiful children, and their loved ones, that I write the stories –  to put “flesh on the bones” of the multitude of names and dates, I’ve been researching for decades, so they come to know their Ancestors, as I do;  to learn where they came from and to appreciate their heritage.

***This is my legacy and my labour of love***


Here I am with my two youngest chickadees - Nov 2006

Here I am with my two youngest chickadees – Nov 2006. (c) C.A.Crout-Habel.

Copyright © 2012. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel. Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family

20 thoughts on “ME & MINE

  1. My name is John Richardson. My wife’s mother [adoptive] was Ada Christina Agnes Poulish [nee Anderson] born in Bugle Ranges in the early 1900’s. Uncle Art [Arthur Thomas Andrew Anderson] was my wife’s uncle. My daughter, Megan, has been researching many aspects of family genealogy. This includes the Anderson line. So we were interested when we saw the site ‘Seeking Susan… etc.’ I am sure that our daughter Megan would interested in ‘blogging’ with you. I await a reply sometime soon! Regards, Johnno R .

    • Just a quick reply Johnno cos it’s so so late and I need to get some sleep. Am so delighted to hear from you. “Uncle Art” is my husband’s grandfather and what a grand man he was, indeed he was. Yes, I know the Poulish name and yes we have lots to share. I’ll check my records and we might choose to take it “off line”. Thanks for making contact and please tell Megan that I’ll do all I can to help with her research. Best of the Best, Catherine.

      • Sorry to be slow to get back to you … been a bit busy. Yep!!! I have your wife’s mother’s name as: Agnes Christina Ada Anderson (but they often get a bit mixed up in the translating 🙂 She was born Bugles Ranges, South Australia, 2 Apr 1903 and married William Joseph Poulish in Renmark, South Australia… etc etc etc. I have no more info re: her descendants.
        Your wife’s “Uncle Art” had two children. I’m related via his daughter (Eveline Phyllis) who is my children’s paternal Grandmother. Am also in close contact with the descendant’s of “Uncle Art’s” only other child, Mac . In fact my children, grandchildren and I are off to Burra on the weekend, after next, for a very special family celebration
        Have managed to trace the Andersons back to Thomas Anderson, born Kettle, Fife, Scotland, on 22 Nov 1836. He married Sophia Youyens Natt in the Presbyterian Church, Mount Barker, South Australia, 14 Mar 1861. Have had no luck yet in finding when he came to Oz, the ship he travelled on etc.
        Thanks for making contact, Johnno, This is SO exciting! I’ll email so we can share more personal info about “living people” and hopefully your daughter Megan has been more successful in finding our Ancestral Scottish “rellies” 🙂
        Wishing you, and yours, the very best of the best. Catherine.

  2. Hello all out there that maybe able to help with my family research. My name is Geoff Embleton (born Battersea, London 1951) My maternal grandmother was Gertrude Maud Cozens (and I have traced them back quite a way) and my G G G Grandfather is John Thomas Crout son of the same, both Masters in the RN. Although I haven’t got this to hand as I write Henry Eden Crout was either his brother or his nephew. I too want to find out how Patience Crout fits in along with S.E. Crout married to John Thomas Crout (the second) I think Patience was his mother. My Cozens connection comes from John Thomas Crout’s daughter Caroline (b 1821) who married George Thomas Cozens (married 1846). As the Crouts seem to have had a very colourful life I’d welcome warmly any info and would gladly give any of my research to those who might find it useful.

    • Well g’day Geoff… or should I say cousin Geoff 🙂 Thankyou so so much for contacting me. Can’t stop shaking all over for the pure delight. Yes, we certainly are related and all your info fits. It’s been a huge job putting together the “colouful Crouts”… indeed they are “colourful” and it’s only in the last couple of months that I’ve made the Cozens connection and I’m very familiar with Caroline Crout & her Marriage to George Thomas Cozens, etc. etc. I’ll contact you via your email and I too am happy to share my research with you ‘cos no doubt you are “the real deal”, so to speak. Can’t believe that I’ve actually found a Crout rellie in the “auld country”. We’ll “chat” soon. Cheers, Catherine. 😀

  3. Well, here’s another one! Richard Patrick ROWEN is my grandfather. My father is (was) Andrew William ROWEN born 1921. I was blown away to see the photo of Susan, I have a photo of her gravestone but this is the first time I have actually seen her. Thanks so much for sharing your information on this blog.

    • Whooo Hooo!!!… how exciting is this, eh? … Well, hello cousin Kerry 🙂 We’re 3rd cousins, I believe. The photo of Susan is a fabulous “find”, eh? Yep… your Grandfather Richard is first child of Susan’s only son Andrew and your dad was born in Streaky Bay, I believe. My records show that your dad served in the 2nd WWar… etc. etc. I could be wrong but I’m thinking that you may have 2brothers…but I’ve not know the names of any of you. So happy you left a message. I’ll email direct and we can share our info, if you like. Bye for now, Catherine.

    • So wonderful to hear from you Marisa and to now be in contact. You always were a gorgeous child from a loving family which also has a “fascinating background”. I’m wondering if you’ve done any research on your family…
      I remember mum telling me that your “Nana Rose” grew up in the house kind of behind our childhood home and a little to one side. The address was probably 51 Long Street, Queenstown, or something similar.
      I believe its an amazing family history you have here with Nana Rose and especially her hubbie Charles, although its not a part of the extended family I’ve ever researched.
      Much xxx to you and yours.

      • Oh, thank you so much 🙂 You are very kind! I started recording dad’s childhood anecdotes last year and have asked both mum and dad lots of questions about our family… unfortunately they don’t know so much. Nana Rose wrote some memoirs and I am sure her childhood home was mentioned. I was given a copy, but it’s in Australia. I’d like to digitise it if I can get it back. I am sure Lisa would have a copy too.
        My husband’s parents are passionately involved in genealogy and have written and published detailed books about their family histories. 🙂 xxx

  4. Hello Catherine

    It must be nearly a year since I emailed a question on this web page, I never received anything back until today, but unfortunately I cannot find my question I asked on any of the pages, nor can I remember who I emailed.

    Although I am not related to you, I too like your great grandfather was born in Elgin, Scotland in 1967, I grew up there and also Lossiemouth, (five miles from Elgin) where my grandmother lived. I left Elgin when I was 18yrs, I also live in Leeds, Yorkshire. If you need any questions answered regarding Elgin I would be more than happy to help. Have you ever visited Elgin? I may possibly be going home in a couple of weeks, I would be more than happy to take some photographs for you.

    I have been researching my family tree on ancestry since 2014 and my original question was in regard to the above photograph on this web page, can you be of help to me? My interest was in the gentleman stood second from the left, he bears an uncanny resemblance to my grandmother’s first love before she married my grandfather. I have a photograph of him in an albums I have of hers and on the back of a photograph he sent to her he wrote, “Lots of Love Stella darling”. The photograph was taken in 1941 and his name was Willie Gordon.

    Can you be of any help? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Susan,

      I have just read this comment, and as you now know, Mum passed away two years ago and that’s why you may not have received a response. Although, as I said, I did think that I had replied – perhaps by email?

      Anyway, how wonderful that you are from Elgin. I travelled there last year with my son and my husband and what a spectacular place it is. I managed to find two of the houses that my ancestors lived in and visited the burial place of one of them – Elgin Cathedral – the most spectacular man made structure we have ever visited.

      The only disappointment to me about Elgin was that I had no idea how majestic it was and how much I wanted to explore and would have liked to have stayed much longer than the one night I allocated there.

      My great disappointment was that I never got any additional information in relation to these relatives other than what my Mum had already uncovered from Australia. The last option was to visit the archives to see if I could obtain a copy of documents in relation to a jail stint served by one of my relatives. I thought that perhaps that might provide some additional information. In the end, there just wasn’t time.

      Have a look through the blogs about a year ago, and see the ones I wrote about Elgin. Loved the place. Enjoy your trip back home.


      • Hi Kirrily

        Thank you for your reply.

        If you ever make it back to Elgin you must visit Lossiemouth, they call it the Jewel of the North. There are two lovely beaches there, the one at Seatown is gorgeous, near white sands.

        I will be visiting the archives myself for documents I require for my tree, if you send me the information to my email below regarding your relative I can get the document for you.

        It is a shame you can’t identify persons on photo above, was this your mum’s wedding day? I would like to send you the photo I have so you can see the remarkable resemblance to Willie Gordon McKinney this man has.

        Look forward to hearing from you.

        Best Wishes


  5. Thanks Susan, I will look back through emails and give you the details of the documents I wanted to get copies of – thank you, that is a lovely offer.

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