Canadian cousins coming out of the woodwork

I love that Mum’s blog is still doing what she set it up for, three years after she died.

Mum wanted a place to share her family research publicly, so that it would be immortalised and be there for generations to come. She wanted there to be a place for her family to go when they were interested in particular members of the family, to find out what their special place in our family was.

She wanted stories that were buried years ago to be brought in to the open so we could all learn from them.

How fantastic that in the last couple of weeks two separate cousins via our fascinating Canadian Connection, have been researching Crout’s and been led to me, via Mum’s blog.

The photo above is of Leslie Eden Crout (Les).  He was one of the half brother of my Grandad’s, same father, different mother.

The two people who contacted me are both connected to Les.

One lives in Brooklyn and is Les’ grandson.

The other one lives in Canada and is the descendant of Andrew, Les’ wife’s brother.

Both of their heads are spinning now I’ve told them how Les had a half brother, Harry Scarborough Crout, who was for years older than Les and lived in England with his mother. He then went to Australia when he was 16. and stayed on after his mother passed away three years later and then ended up marrying my Nana. It is taking a while for it to all make sense to them, which is understandable. As I said to them, I’ve had years of processing, to get to this point.

Geez, it’s a bit scarey that how these Canadian Cousins all fit together is making so much sense to me now. I really am turning in to my mother! I know she’d be rapt.

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About kirra111

I am in my early 40's with a loving husband and a son. I came in to the blogging world recently when my much loved Mum (Catherine Crout-Habel) passed away. Genealogy and blogging became Mum's life in her later years when her body started failing her. Her blog is her legacy and I couldn't let it die with her.

7 thoughts on “Canadian cousins coming out of the woodwork

    • Thanks David. I’m really pleased. Not so sure it’s hard work on my behalf. Really it is her hard work reaping rewards that I am pleased to be able to receive and then strengthen on her behalf. I’ve actually been very remiss about giving time to her blog, but feel it is picking up again now. Great to hear from you.

  1. Hello Kirra. So exciting to see you made it to Canada to meet up with the Canadian Crouts. I’m Jeanne, who your mom first made contact with. My daughter Drew is in Melbourne ( well actually they live in Torquay) but she works in Melbourne. Adam and Andrew Crout are her uncles. Her dad was David. If you’re ever in Melbourne I’m sure she’d love to meet up with you.

    • Hi Jeanne,
      Yes, I knew that you were the first person Mum made contact with, I read it in a comment from her on the bog. She was so grateful that you passed her details on to Alan who I spoke with the other night and he remembers the call and passing her details on to June. That’s how this amazing connection has been able to happen, so thank you.

      Yes, I had heard about Drew being in Melbourne from Peter Harp, Susan’s son, and we are actually friend on FB now, although we haven’t actually had a conversation yet. I hear she is doing really well in Melbourne and her FB posts show they are having an amazing time. It must be difficult for you, being so far away.

      Thanks for making contact.


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