8 month anniversary of Mum’s Death

Its been a very long time between blogs.  I have been busy with a lot of other stuff, which I will find time to blog about soon, but I needed to post this today.

8 months ago today was a day from hell, that is etched in my memory torturing me with its cruel pace, whenever my mind is still.  But on the morning of that day, only hours before she was taken from us, my Mum had the strength to make and allow us to record memories.  Here are two of my favourites.  One shows her strength and one shows her pride – she was full to overflowing in both.

I love you Mum and miss you more than words can say.  😦20140706_130649 20140706_130947

14 thoughts on “8 month anniversary of Mum’s Death

  1. Such lovely photos…not just her pride or physical strength but her sheer courage for sharing her last moments with you, and all of us. Thinking of you all Kirrily.

  2. Kirrily Your mum was a an amazing lady and this is a lovely post.
    I treasure a very similar photo with my own mum who I lost 2 and a half years ago.
    She wanted the photo taken in her last hours as well.
    Thinking of you.

    • Thank you. Although it was so hard to do at the time, it was my Brother’s idea and U’m so glad we did it. I’m happy you have a similar treasure x

    • Thanks Gallivanta. She would be pleased I am in contact with her blogging friends and still sharing. She always shared so much of herself.

  3. She lives on in so many memories for her generosity of spirit. It will always be a cruel day that took her but we have to be glad she’s no longer in any difficulties and is at peace. And, in the case of her family she will have left such a wealth of memories to warm you in the worst of times. Those times will still attack without warning and take your breath but do grow less as time goes on, while the love you feel doesn’t.
    I’m grateful your Mum loaned herself to us even if she resided with you. I’m vry grateful you had the strength to carry n where she left off.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • David, such a lovely comment, thank you so much. It is your encouragement (and others) that has helped spur me on to continue blogging and sharing. Thank you for taking the time to connect and support me 😊

  4. Hugs to the whole family! It’s flabbergasting to me that though Catherine and I never met I miss her sorely and think of her often. I guess it just goers to show what kind of person Catherine was – how she could transcend a computer screen and reach into a person’s soul and brighten their day, yet say hardly a word about her troubles.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment JG. You have described her to a tee. She had such deep relationships with so many people around the world she had never actually met in person, and she was never one for “pity parties”. I’m glad to hear so many people saying they still miss and think of her often. 💝

  5. I commented earlier when you posted these on FB, but wanted to be sure that all who read this also know just how much of an impression your Mum made, on so many of us. I think of her often, especially when I see what a great fight you, and all involved in Saving Graves, are putting up… She would be so very proud of you for this, as well as all else you do.
    I miss her smile, her laugh and middle of the night emails flying to and fro…

    • Thank you Chris, I love to hear this. I know how much I think of her, and the huge hole her death has left, and how much I miss her. It’s so great for me to read that this is shared still with her wider family. Yes, I bet you miss the middle of the night contact! 🌃

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