Look at me with my own identity on Mum’s blog!

Well, I did it, I worked out how to set up another administrator on Mum’s blog so that I as well as everyone else can identify what has been said by me and what was said by Mum.

I can feel Mum smiling down on me, clapping her hands with glee and saying something like “you clever chickadee”

So, my plan is that I hope to be able to do everything through my user name now, let’s see how I go.

Thanks so much for your kind words of support.

You will see that I am different to my Mum, but we certainly were “tarred with the same brush” and I like to think that a lot of what what great about her rubbed off on me.  We certainly did spend a lot of time together years ago before I had a family of my own.

See you later, alligator …….

….. In a while, crocodile …..


animated smiley face winking


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About kirra111

I am in my early 40's with a loving husband and a son. I came in to the blogging world recently when my much loved Mum (Catherine Crout-Habel) passed away. Genealogy and blogging became Mum's life in her later years when her body started failing her. Her blog is her legacy and I couldn't let it die with her.

35 thoughts on “Look at me with my own identity on Mum’s blog!

  1. Hello, I was so saddened to hear your mum was so sick and passed away.I too have cancer Non Hodgkins Lymphoma a blood cancer.I had it 8 years ago and now its returned I’m on a clinical trial at the Royal Adelaide Hospital they hope this drug will make the cancer go away for good because at the moment there’s no cure to keep it away. Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Jen, we were hoping Mum had lymphoma because it can be more treatable than the non small cell carcinoma (lung cancer) that she had. Best wishes with your clinical trial. I have a friend with melanoma on a clinical trial that us having some very good results. Let’s hope things go the same fir you.


  2. Hi Kirrily. I’m sure everyone is thrilled to see you at the helm of your mum’s blog. I have nominated this blog for The One Lovely Blog Award. If you don’t have time to nominate others please just accept the award if you wish. It was an honour to have met your mother. You’ll find the nomination along with a mention of your blog on my FamilyHistory4u blog
    http://www.sharnsgenealogyhints.blogspot.com.au. Regards, Sharn

    • Thank you Sharn. This is all new to me, so I will work out how to accept the nomination, but won’t nominate others as I have really not got in to blogging enough ti make worthwhile nominations.


    • Hello Kate,
      Thank you for your kind words. How lovely to find another person who was touched by Mum. Thank you for taking the time to make a comment.

      I must admit I am finding it hard to work out the direction to take her blog. They were her stories, her research, her hard work, all of which I am just not following through with, at least not at this time.

      I hope it comes to me.


      • You will find your own voice. It took me some time (and many posts!) before I found my voice. Your lovely mum’s posts were her voice, and so your posts will become your voice.

        The main thing is that, when you are ready to write, then you must write. The more you write, even if it’s only something very small, the more you will find your own voice. Write from the heart and then the rest will come naturally.

        It will come to you. Good luck


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