Some things sure can hit you “out of the blue” and change your life forever.  Friday 21Feb2014 was a hot day, I wasn’t feeling well and the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) was particularly difficult to manage but I had groceries to buy and especially medications… so I “soldiered” on.

After loading 10 bags of groceries in the boot I sat in the driver’s seat feeling v-e-r-y unwell. Not far from home, I figured sitting down with a delish cup of coffee is what was needed.  A few minutes later and not far from home it hit me…wham! bam!!!… couldn’t see a thing but did manage to locate the line in the middle of the road so focussed on that to try and judge where the side of the road was so I could pull over… then, one line down the centre of the road changed into two with one crossing over the other.  Intuitively I put a hand over one eye, then the other and worked out which one meant I had only one dotted line again… phew!!! By then I was close to the turn off into my street and very close to home.  Pulling into the driveway my sight returned, I just felt v-e-r-y tired and thought “that was weird”…

Long story to short it took a week to realise that in all probability it was a stroke… 😦  After three weeks in hospital, and a myriad of tests some things are still unclear but what we know is that, in addition to the COPD, I now have clots in the lungs and even had them on the tip of my right index finger… go figure…???  Seems that my body has been pinging off clots and one/ or part thereof made it to the right side of the brain and brought on the stroke. Have weakness down the left side but can make it around with a stick, have difficulty breathing and what is really annoying is the effect on my sight… blurred vision, difficult reading text with gaps appearing etc…  grrr

Well, I got out of hospital on 26Mar2014 and have had a “Rehabilitation in the Home” working with me to get me back “on track” asap. Have made progress but some annoying hiccups and another brief stay in hospital. However I am “on the mend” and just wanted to let my blogging friends and regular readers know that I haven’t “fallen off the twig” yet… Lucky me, eh?…  As my energy returns I will catch up on reading your blogs which I’ve missed terribly.

Many thanks also to those who’ve left fascinating comments which I’ll reply to asap and also some great emails from cousins re: their latest discoveries on our tree which is so exciting and I’ll get to as my energy quota allows it.

That’s all for now… I’m running out of puff at the minute but will get back to catching up on my reading very soon.  🙂

Cheerio for now and take good care everyone.

30 thoughts on “WHAM!!! BAM…

    • Thanks Kylie and thanks so very much for keeping our “Saving Graves – South Australia” group going when I just suddenly disappeared from the scene, and without any explanation. You’re a real “trouper”… 🙂

  1. Phew! So pleased to hear from you. I have been wondering about your absence, but people stop blogging for many reasons, so I didn’t want to pry. Glad you are on the mend. Sounds like it has been a trying time and may still be for awhile. Look forward to more of your blog posts when you are ready. All the best.

    • That is very kind… thanks so much. Yep, from time to time it did bother me that I’d just disappeared from the scene without even a word but really had more important things on my mind, as you can imagine {chuckle}… I am making small improvements which is good but it is oh so tedious especially the prob with my vision i.e. words missing when I’m trying to read text. Still could be worse eh? I could be “pushing up daisies”… 😆

      • Must be very tiring. And, yes, I wouldn’t want you to be pushing up daisies (Nice as daisies are), especially in one of those strange, you can’t rest in peace forever cemeteries you have in Adelaide. 🙂 Hope you are getting lots of rest.

      • ha ha ha… I love that!!! In actual fact when things were looking v-e-r-y serious I said to myself that I can’t “fall off the twig” yet cos I haven’t secured my Great Grannie’s grave yet and haven’t found a safe place for me to be “planted” where they can’t dig me up!!! 🙂 … Yep, lots of sleep!!! My poor old worn out body is demanding rest. 🙂

  2. Aww Catherine, I wondered where you were. I’m so sorry to hear about the stroke but I’m very happy you managed to make it home in one piece the day you pushed yourself to the limit.
    I too have COPD and am suffering my annual bronchitis at the moment, second lot of antibiotics, steroids and awful linctus. You have my every sympathy.
    Having said that, stop swinging the lead now and get back to entertaining us please.
    xxx Massive Hugs as always xxx

    • Yep… hooley dooley. It was a bit scary but reckon my learning to drive “on the wrong side of the road” when I went to live in the USA served me well. I’d be doing fine until making a left hand turn, especially at busy intersection, cos I kept wanting to swing to the left after turning the corner. My youngest son (aged 16 at the time) would repeat in a strained voice… “keep the yellow line on the left mum, keep the yellow line…” So I automatically looked for the white dotted line and kept that on my right which was just fine until one line turned into two. ha ha ha!!! 🙂
      You and I will be able to share our troubles and travails living with COPD David. I’m going to need all the tips I can get now that the “clots in the lung” have created scar tissue and further compromised the breathing. Darn, drat and bother {wink}…
      Ooohhh… hope that bronchitis clears really quickly. “Swinging the lead” cracked me up cos that was a favourite saying of my lovely mum. Keep well and those hugs are boomeranging right back.

    • Thankyou my gorgeous relatively recently discovered Canadian Cuz… 🙂 Your shared research on our Caroline Patience Cozens sure has spurred me on to get my old brain working again… damn and blast these gaps in the thinking… but at least I usually realise the error and self correct. Good eh? Phew… I’m so glad you found her after her mum and dad died. Not off gallivanting with “naughty” Aunt Rosa Patience, after all. I’ll check out those leads real soon and get back to you xxx

    • Thanks Deborah… I’ve so missed reading the letters and following the lives of your grandparents whilst he was serving with the US Navy in the Pacific. Was thinking of Roscoe on ANZAC Day just gone. Hope he’s doing OK and Mark got over those measles OK. Will get back to reading my favourite Blogs real soon. Cheeerio for now

  3. Oh my gosh! That is terrible! You poor thing 😦
    Thinking of you and hoping for a speedy, bump-in-the-road-free recovery process from here on. ((hugs)) and best wishes

    • That’s very sweet of you Marisa. I have good days and bad days and am exhausted most of the time and another brief trip back to hospital but gradual improvements which are good 🙂
      It was wonderful to see how my three children, your cousins, just automatically came together “like a well oiled machine” to ensure that someone was there to support me at critical times… and they’re still doing that. My mum would be so proud of them cos that’s what she wanted for herself. Sadly it didn’t happen.
      Hope your holiday back home in South Oz was perfect in every way. Bet your mum and dad loved spending time with your “littlies” Take care xxx

      • I hope things continue in a positive direction, that your energy levels start to pick up over time and that you continue to receive the warm support of your beautiful children. They are all doing so well. You mast be so proud xx Mum and dad were thrilled to see us, have an Aussie family Christmas and introduce the kids to some of the things I grew up with (a ride on Popeye, visit to the Magic Cave, etc 🙂 ). Best wishes to you for happy, healthy days ahead xxxx

  4. Oh, Catherine, how frightening. Thank goodness you’re on the mend. Do take it easy, won’t you? It’s great to hear from you again. Sending love and best wishes.

    • Thanks for the caring Frances… I am learning that when getting all stirred up over some particular injustice and my blood pressure starts to rise I have to switch off and calm down cos I’m still in that “danger period” and don’t want another “whack on the scone”… ha ha ha I get a bit frustrated cos I can’t do as much online as I want to but that’s life, eh?… and lucky me still has one 🙂 …

    • Oh, I sure am a determined “old biddy” Angela… 🙂 Am finding it incredibly frustrating being so restrained physically and have had to learn to do lots of basic living in a very difficult way… “It’s all about energy conservation, Catherine” is what the Occupational Therapist keeps telling me. puff puff puff… Thanks for you lovely message. It’s a real cheer up to know how many people do care.

  5. Catherine, though we’ve been in touch since this happened, you left out lots of details… and I can understand why. Look after yourself, nothing else matters but your health just now. If I can help in any way, please email me.

    • Thanks Chris, that is so kind. I have had to learn to ask for help when I need it. My High School teachers would be very pleased. It only took me 50+ years 🙂 …
      Part of why I haven’t gone into heaps of detail is because a lot is still unknown They don’t know how the clots got from the lung to the brain and why my body has decided to ping off these clots. Some test results to come in yet an another Scan next week and hopefully it’s all good news.
      Also I’m not into “holding pity parties” for myself… {chuckle} 🙂

  6. Righto Catherine, now I understand more the recent trauma you went through, so sorry to hear the seriousness of it all, and pray you cam mend your ways back to your good self. Cheers…….

    • Ha ha ha… I like that Phil. “mend” my ways. Hmmm… reminds me how my mum used to wring her hands and lament… “you’re SO much like your grandmother, Catherine.” I think I was born stamping my little foot and crying… “but it’s not fair!!! 🙂 I have finally realised, however, that I do need to take better care of myself if I want to keep doing what I love to do. Thanks for your good wishes… much appreciated indeed.

    • Oh, thankyou for the caring Kerryn… reckon I can feel those warm lovely hugs as I sit here banging away on the ‘puter. I’m getting pretty bored with the endless exercises but my left arm is much improved and I don’t slap myself in the face anymore when I go to scratch my nose… ha ha ha. Left leg is getting stronger too and sometimes, when I’m feeling strong, I forget the old walking stick until the stumbling starts. My eyesight is still giving lots of trouble and there’s every likelihood that there will be no more driving a car. Drat!!! My lovely Kirrily is looking forward to spinning around on the Gopher I’d probably be getting… 🙂 xxx

  7. Catherine; I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. It’s lovely to have you back, and please take care of yourself. Big hugs from across the ditch. xx 🙂

    • Thankyou Su… It’s really slowed me up but I’m still smilin’. It’s been such a delight to see that you, and others, have been going over my old posts, that are new to you, and *liking* them. Thanks so much ❤

      • Glad you are still smiling! One of the things I love about blogs is the ability to dip into older posts and follow threads that I missed first time around. 🙂

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