Australia Day 2014: Havin’ a lend…

Australian map

Aussie lingo

How big Australia is.

Aussie slang

Aussie BBQ

animated smiley face winking


Flag. aboriginal with heart

Copyright © 2014.  Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

14 thoughts on “Australia Day 2014: Havin’ a lend…

    • Glad you enjoyed it David… was so hard for me to choose which of Adam’s clips to post for Australia Day 2014.
      Seems to me that a lot of what it means to be “Australian” is beginning to get lost. For me it is largely about being able to laugh at ourselves, not get too serious about ourselves and with that touch of rebelliousness/ larrikinism which Adam Hills personifies with his comedy skits…

  1. My husband is about as Ocker as they comes. It can be annoying. However it is funny when we are travelling as people look at him like he is speaking another language (I suppose he is).

    Think I will need to look into those Australia shaped templates. Love it!

    • Love your comment Sharon. My hubbie and lots of his rellies are also “as Ocker as they come” mostly because they are country folk. Have come to realise that I also have quite a bit of Ocker in me. My precious mum would shake her finger at me and say… “Don’t speak like a gutter snipe Catherine.” which made me curb my language. Thanks for dropping by Sharon.

    • Thanks for your comment Gallivanta. which sure made me smile. NZ and Oz have a lot or shared history … Maybe this is why this post, of mine, resonated with you.
      In case you haven’t heard Jimmy Barne’s rendition of “Working Class Man”, which Adam based this spoof on, …here’s the link to one of Jimmy’s live performances way back in 1988:

      • Old Jimmy has quietened down a bit in his “old age”… ha ha ha. Have you seen his son, David Campbell, perform?… We claim Jimmy as our own, especially those of us who live in Adelaide’s northern bubs, sometimes referred to as “boganville” 🙄 Although born in England he came to South Oz as a child and began his career here. Glad you enjoyed catching up with him 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I think Adam Hills is brilliant. I’m going to be laughing quietly for the rest of the day. BTW: I saw Adam’s episode of “Who do you think you are?” recently. Really interesting and very moving.

    • Thanks Sue, glad that “tickled you funny bone.” I agree with you and reckon one of his best skits is “sign language”. I tried to find to post but it’s been taken off YouTube. Don’t know if you’ve seen it. I especially laughed about the British sign language for “Australians”. Adam’s verbalising while signing was “we picked the little scum up and moved them to here.” 😆 Absolutely perfect for a good old laugh at ourselves on Australia Day. DRAT… I missed his “Who Do You Think You Are?”

    • I tell you what Kerryn… if “Working Class Australia Fair” was made our National Anthem I reckon a lot more people who soon learn the words and sing it with great gusto. What fun that would be, eh?
      When I was teaching not one child left my class without being well acquainted with our National Anthem and had lots of practice cos we ended every school day with a hearty rendition… enough to lift the ceiling. HA HA HA… what fun! 🙂

    • No worries Chris… glad you enjoyed it and had a good old laugh. 🙂 Good wishes are always welcome, whether belated or not. Thanks for taking time in you very busy life to read my post. Hoping your Australia Day was good for you and all your loving family.

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