TROVE TUESDAY: Jaywalkin’…

Banner. The Barrier Miner

Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 – 1954  – Wednesday 13 February 1924, page 3

TROVE. Jay walking.2

TROVE. Jay walking.

Nothing in the past every truly goes away…

TROVE jay walking-cop-issuing-jay-walk-fines

WHAT IS JAY WALKIN’?… glad you asked    😆


Copyright © 2014. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

4 thoughts on “TROVE TUESDAY: Jaywalkin’…

  1. That is funny…..I have enjoyed reading some of the old court and crime cases in our Papers Past, which is similar to your Trove, I think. And, as you say, the same things keep coming up 🙂

    • They sure do Gallivanta… I first realised this back in the 1970’s when searching old newspapers, on Microfiche at our South Oz State library. I was searching for the photo of my mum being shielded, by her mum, from the batons of the “Special constables” during the Waterside Worker’s strike/ march during the Great Depression here in Port Adelaide, 1928.
      I was indeed mesmerised by how similar the “issues of the day” were 😯 Now I’m going to consult “Madam Google” re: your “Papers Past”. Thanks!!!

      • Oh, I should have given you a direct link to Papers Past. I have found several very interesting reports on my ancestors in these old digitalized papers because the old papers loved to report on small, everyday events and meetings.

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