Merry Christmas to all…

A year has passed already and it truly is hard to believe.  I had been blogging for just 11 months when Christmas rocked around in 2012, and here it is again… You can read my many 2012 posts by clicking HERE.

"Mine host" tucking in...

“Mine host” tucking in…

Last Christmas it was my pleasure to host Christmas Dinner which we hold in the early afternoon, everyone contributes and the host adds the extra “bits ‘n bobs“.  One of our traditions is that if anyone has a friend and/or knows someone with nowhere to go for the Christmas “nosh up”, they’re automatically invited to dine with us. Last year my youngest son’s friend David joined us as his family were away on holiday. Here we are having a great time of it. Cool enough to enjoy the outdoors but not so hot we needed to hover inside under the air-con.

Great tucker... I think I am done

Sylvia, Pat & Culllen... happy times

Our Pied Piper... Lisa Lynn

This year it’s expected to reach 34deg in Adelaide, South Oz.  Not too hot…  phewww!!!     😯    but warm enough to enjoy my daughter and son in law’s pool. They are this year’s hosts and the weather will be perfect for it.

The clock has just clicked over… it’s Christmas Day 2013, and whilst cooking I’ve been enjoying some of my favourite Christmas songs so I’ll share a few before toddling off to bed.

This post provides a clue as to why this is a favourite of mine…. plus I also adored John Lennon    😆

Always played on Christmas Day, when the children were young.

Crazy and corny but I love it. Sad to think that in just a few short years the Aussie icon, the Holden, won’t be made here in Elizabeth, South Australia… just down the track from me    😥

For those who are grieving, you may get some comfort from this post on my “sister blog”…

That’s all from me for now… “Merry Christmas to all and to all, a Good night!!!”


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all…

    • Thankyou so much my very dear friend, Lord Prosser, up there in Wales. Thankyou for always being there and filling my life with such caring and fun and laughter, especially when I’ve been so very “down” whilst keeping “a good face” about me. May the coming year shower you with blessings… xxx and more xxx

  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day. We had a wonderful time with warmth and sunshine from early morning till mid afternoon and then we had cooling and much needed rain. Perfect combination.

    • Thankyou so much. Our South Oz weather was absolutely perfect too at about 34c so we could enjoy our “Northern Hemisphere” Chrissie din dins 😆 with the air con just keeping things cool… and a balmy evening where the “chickadees” could frolic in the pool… my daughter’s house. Colour me “happy”.

    • Thanks JG… It was perfect and it is always such a delight to sit back and watch my grown up “babies” and their “babies” all so happy in each others company. Something I didn’t have so treasure it so very much. Hoping your Christmas was one which was full of happiness, and good times, too…

  2. A very belated Merry Christmas Catherine. I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you, and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Best wishes, Su.

    • Thanks Su… and all those good wishes are returned to you over and over. That beautiful “boy child” of yours sure is growing up quickly, eh?… Best of wishes, to you and yours, always.

      • 🙂 yes, he’ll be 16 soon and getting too old to be called the boy-child. I’ll have to find a new alias for him.

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