MUSICAL MONDAY: The Digger’s Song

Ahhh… I’ve been going through quite a lot of emotional turmoil lately and the whole Remembrance Day bizzo, this year, has simply added to it. Music certainly is “balm for my soul” and I just about cracked up when chancing upon “The Digger’s Song” so am sharing in case you also need a spot of stress release…    😆

The notes on “YouTube” report:

“The diggers song also known as “Dinky Di”, this song, one of many to the tune “Villikins and his Dinah,” was probably first sung by Australian soldiers during the first World War, so it is hardly a “modern” song.

Bill Scott wrote the following notes in his compilation, “The Second Penguin Australian Songbook” (Penguin Books Australia, Ringwood, Victoria, 1980): I first heard this song during the Second World War, sung with great feeling by a soldier of the Sixth Division, who sang it as above, except that instead of using the first and second lines of the second verse, he sang:

The Digger then shot him a murderous look. He said, ‘I’m just back from that place called Tobruk.’

The song was not only sung during the first and second World Wars but it was updated to fit the settings of both the Korean and Vietnamese wars.”



Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

9 thoughts on “MUSICAL MONDAY: The Digger’s Song

    • Thanks Luanne… This really is an example of a kind of Australian “larrikinism” and a of a lack of respect for “authority”. Of course this is a “stereo-type” and is not at all representative of all Australians… but there still is a “grain of truth” in there and I love it because it rings true for me.

    • Glad you enjoyed it too Sheryl 😆 Such a cheeky song which sits comfortably with my “rebel heart”. That is a “true blue, dinky di” Australian accent too which is coming from a bloke recording this memory from his humble “lounge room”. I love it.

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