We didn’t own an Ipad…

memories. commodoreMemories of those years when our home was filled with childhood noises: the laughter, the tears, the loud music, clanging toys, Michael Jackson’s poster, pac man  and everything else came flooding back when I first came across this Video.

Precious memories, special times…


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

15 thoughts on “We didn’t own an Ipad…

  1. Hi Catherine, that so funny! I must admit I did cringe a bit at some of the hair-do’s and wonder if I’ve managed to hide ALL the photos of me in the 80s. And jelly shoes!!!!! My 15 year old son told me the other day that they are the craze amongst girls he knows. When I told him I once had a pair ….. well, I think any street cred I had has totally evaporated. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • Oh Su… I so loved to hear about your remembering. My daughter would be about the same age as you and has exactly the same reaction.
      Are “jellie shoes” really coming back in??? …
      When I tell my chickadees about things such as the candy striped “witches britches” I wore back in the 1960’s, and were all “the rage”, they can barely disguise their horror… 😆

      • Hi Catherine. Apparently jellie shoes are really popular in Auckland at the moment. As are those trousers that are really baggy around the hips and clinched at the ankles. Can’t remember what they are called but they look like tired nappies with legs. Confession … I used to have a pair in the 80s!!!

        Thanks for reminding me of “witches britches” – haven’t heard that term since I was in primary school. 🙂

    • So pleased to hear this… I’ve been pretty over whelmed lately with heaps of “stuff” and it sure is good to just kick back, settle down and take the pressure off I reckon.
      Am writing a note to myself, right now, and sticking it on the fridge to keep reminding me of these “wise words of wisdom” of mine… 🙄 😆

    • Ha ha ha… Lord Prosser 😆
      I reckon that the joy, delight and pleasure in “maturing” is that it comes hand in hand with a good strong dose of “selective memory”… B-I-N-G-O !!!
      I am trusting that you’ve been working hard on creating a whole lot of delightful “shenanigans” to report on in your next weekly “wrap up”.
      Big HUGS XXX boomeranged right back.

  2. I loved this Catherine, even though some of it flew under my radar. Smiled at Su’s loss of street cred….just needs time to get your own back. Jelly shoes vs crocs? It was very cleverly done… It would be perfect for Julie’s Book of Me time capsule.

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