Shin of beef stewed

Stews, and especially a good, hearty, nourishing “Beef Stew” is one of my most favourite meals… probably second only to a delish home cooked “lamb roast”, with all the trimmings and comes from my British heritage. What a delight to read this version from way way back and am intending to try out some slight different strategies. If you also enjoy recipes from days gone by this sure is a good read…

The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

As southern Britain is buffeted by strong, wintry winds, here’s some hearty, comforting fare to warm us up:

Shin of Beef Stewed

Have the bone sawed into three or four pieces. Just cover it with water. When it simmers, skim it clean. Then put in a bundle of sweet herbs, an onion, a head of celery, a dozen berries of allspice, same of black pepper. Stir very gently for about four hours. Boil till tender some carrots, turnips & button onions. About fifteen minutes will do. Carrots twice as long cut in dices. When the beef is ready, thicken a pint & half of the gravy. To do this, mix three tablespoonsful of flour with a teacup full of the broth. Stir it well together. Scum & strain. Put your vegetables in it to warm, season. Make soup of the rest as directed for Bouilli…

It’s a while since we…

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6 thoughts on “Shin of beef stewed

    • Thanks for the info Kylie… that sure is a fabulous site and “roasting a bullock whole”. Brilliant how they link the food and the Australian culture at a particular point in time 🙂 I’ve bookmarked it.

    • yum yum yum… we’re moving into summer here in South Australia Sheryl but still cool enough to cook up a good old beef stew 🙂 I was quite fascinated with some of the differences eg. cooking the vegies separately and then adding later.

    • Oh it certainly is and something which fascinates me, most of all, with old recipes is to see them in the original writing. Even if it’s a printed recipe, then those with splotches and stains on them are so special. Have to confess that I am a rabid collector of recipes 😳 and the older the better.

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