16 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Things I know…

    • Oh indeedie Angela… and me too. This must be why we are such faithful followers of each others amazing blogs 😉
      Seriously, I do so much enjoy the way in which your writing helps me connect with the land of my Ancestors, the beautiful Eire… and also that you recognise my soul’s longing. Buichas le Dia… (apologies for incorrect spelling 🙂 )

    • Oh Su… how kind are you, eh? Thanks so much. I reckon we’ve got a “mutual admiration society” going here, cos I love your Blog too, indeed I do.
      Seems like I’ve also got a bit of a “poetry thingo” going on here too… 😆

      • 🙂 thanks – and especially right now for making me smile. I’ve just come out of the oral surgeon’s office with a very expensive appointment to have a wisdom tooth out!

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