A new site re: Saving South Australian graves

Hi all,
No doubt regular readers will not need to be told that I tend to digress, go off track and temporarily “lose the plot” from time to time    🙄

I also reckon that you same readers also know that I seem to have become somewhat fixated on matters related to the burial of loved ones and especially my horror at the desecration/ destruction of those places where so many of our Ancestors and Pioneers were laid to R.I.P. here in South Australia.

No apologies for that, but have decided to transfer this writing/ information to another site so that those with a particular interest in this re-use/ recycling of our South Australian gravesites can access the info there.

The site is “South Australian Graves Under Threat” and here’s a LINK if you want to check it out.

Cheerio for now…

Copyright © 2013. Catherine Crout-Habel

3 thoughts on “A new site re: Saving South Australian graves

  1. This seems to be happening all over the place. I saw it first in Karakatta in Perth last year as I was looking for particular graves. Not sure what the answer is . ‘Losing the plot’..is hat a pun? In places in Ireland we call a grave a ‘plot’ …..:)

    • G’day Angela…yep, there are some issues here in Oz which are similar, but also some differences. As you know, Western Australia has problems at Karakatta with memorials being removed and new burials, in former pathways, and Victoria has probs with Memorials too.
      However, what horrifies me most of all is that here in South Australia, the “authorities” actually interfere with the bodily remains in a process euphemistically described as “lifting and deepening” 😦 i.e. they dig up the “human remains” of our Ancestors, dig the grave deeper, put the “human remains” back in, bury a stranger on top and remove the original memorial. Almost creeps me out to think about it but, that is the truth of the matter 😯
      Thanks for your comment Angela… here’s a link to the three “Saving Graves” in Oz where we’re all working together to stop the desecration and sacrilege. http://www.saving-graves.australiancemeteries.com/SouthAustralia.html

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