Always the loving  Mum and Nana... here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

Always the loving Mum and Nana… here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

On this, the 6th Anniversary of my beautiful mum’s death, I’m remembering how my daughter, and I, sat with her and what a terrible “passing” it was. Also how cruelly she was abandoned for the final 10 years of her life, by some of her family, which almost broke her heart and now reading their platitudinous comments is most distressing.

However, this little gem just floated to me from “cyberspace” and I’m laughing along with my precious mum, whose wicked sense of humour comes shining through…

Love ya mum and thanks for the cheerup

This time last year I made my first “KIVA loan” in Mum’s memory and chose to loan to a young woman in Peru to help pay for her continuing Education, which is what mum would love. You can read about it HERE.


It’s a delight to know how very little money can make such a huge difference in another person’s life and to see them paying it back month by month simply adds to the pleasure and enables you to re-loan to another deserving person who just needs a bit of a “leg up”.   

Why not give it a try… a $25 loan can do so much. For more info just go to the Genealogists for Families’ Project  and see how very easy it is.

May you forever REST IN PEACE Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout
31 March 1925 – 6 September 2007




Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

17 thoughts on “SENTIMENTAL SUNDAY: Love ya mum…

    • Now I’m allowing a little tear to trickle Frances… knowing how dearly you miss your amazing mum too.
      I’m never about “holding a pity party” but I have always used every tragedy/ sadness, in my life, to try to help others. It’s not that I’m any sort of “hero”… it’s simply my way of making sense of life and staying sane 😳

    • Thanks so very much Chris for your never-ending support … and also managing to find the time in your very busy genea and family life, right now, to read this post and respond. Thanks always for the caring and for all your hard work for others. xxx

    • Beautiful words Angela, thankyou. I reckon I was the lucky one to have a mum like this, not that she was perfect and we both laughed about our shared “lack of perfection” 🙂
      Reckon you’d be pleased to know that today, when I was again curling up in a little ball and “licking my wounds” mum came O:) and we went on such a fun journey. She was still mobile and losing her walking stick, as she was wont to do. We clambered on and off trains and busses… got confused, argued with tram conductors, put a “mouthy” woman in her place… and had a jolly good time. Not to mention all the wild and wonderful purchases we made…
      Thanks for always being there for me Angela… incidentally my Sean, in County Clare, reckons I’ve come closer than anyone else in finding my Susan’s Irish family which encourages me to keep on keeping on 🙂 Slan go foil…

    • Hello Joanne,
      Such a surprise to get your confirming message which has filled me with unbelievable happiness. Don’t know how you “found” me but I went to your blog and am now following you because I like what I see.
      Your quote, from Patsy Grant, about mothers and daughters is so beautiful, so perfect and describes not only the relationship with my mum but also that with my daughter. Am trusting you’re OK with me re-posting to my Blog some time in the future. Of course I will attribute it to you and with a link back to your blog. Thanks again.

      • Thank you so much Catherine. I’m pleased to hear that my few words to you helped that day. This post made me think of my own mother and I was reminded of how human imperfections in a parent, either mother or father, can easily be criticised by their children. At the end of the day, love is all that matters.

        I have started a family history website also, quite some time ago now, but never seem to find the time to post anything new! I love reading family stories and looking at old photos. You have so many interesting stories here.

        I’ll email you the Patsy Grant quote, as I change that around occasionally, but of course feel free to use it here. Such beautiful and meaningful words need to be shared.

      • Thanks so much for the email of Patsy Grant’s quote Joanne. It’s so beautiful.
        Yep… my mum, and I, and my daughter and I are/ were very different personalities and had “our moments”, esp with me during the teenage years 😉 but we all came through those times OK and the honesty, care and love shone through to the very end.
        I'm going to check out your website and maybe you'll soon feel like writing again. I sometimes spend too much time reading and not enough time writing 🙄

  1. What a great way to honour your lovely mum! Kiva is fabulous! My husband has been making Kiva loans for some time now and it’s wonderful to see where they lead 🙂 Hoping you got through the day ok ((hugs))

    • Beautiful comment Marisa… thankyou so much. Yes Kiva is wonderful indeed. Each of my three children make Kiva loans and some have sponsored children etc. Warm the cockles of my heart 🙂 Much xxx to you and yours.

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