MUSICAL MONDAY: One Direction, my Irish Ancestry and all the rest…

One Direction 2013 - Source: Wikipedia

One Direction 2013 – Source: Wikipedia

My home town is aflame with excitement today as the “boy band“, One Direction, arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, to begin its Australian Tour and it’s all go go go

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Still waiting...

Still waiting…

Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Thanks to Wikipedia.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Thanks to Wikipedia.

To finally see their idols in action…

One Direction - first Australian concert, Adelaide, 23 Sep 2013

One Direction – first Australian concert, Adelaide, 23 Sep 2013

Whilst thinking about my Grand daughter’s joy today, I was also remembering my feelings of 50 years ago, and just a couple of years older than she is now, as I sat and cried with happiness to be in Centennial Hall, Adelaide, South Australia at the “Beatles” concert. Of course all I could see were tiny little specks on the faraway stage and all I could hear was the screaming of hysterical girls all around but it was indeed a night to remember.

Whilst the young folk are enjoying their night of delight right now, at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, I’ve been having a kind of shared pleasure here in my very own home. How could that be?… you may well ask.     😆    Well, I’ve been watching a vid of the Irish version of  “Kiss You”  and am loving trying to sing along in the beautiful Irish, which touches into my very soul and takes me right back to my Irish origins. What a delight to see young Irish people singing popular songs in their own language 🙂

If you’d like to have a sing along… here are the Lyrics.

Tá mé ‘g iarraidh thú a thóg(áil) amach liom anocht
Is cuma faoin am, cibé uair, cibé áit
Rachaidh muid ann a ghrá, ann a ghrá
Gabhfaidh muid ann a ghrá, yeah

Ó gabh i leith, gabh i leith, gabh i leith
Inis dom rud amháin
Inis cén chaoi ‘is a lastar do cheann
A bheabaí just scread amach, scread amach
A bheabaí just scread amach yeah!

Ó feicim thú
Tú ag tnúth
Lenár grá nu(a)

Yeah, ‘nois inis dom faoi chuile uair
A phógann(s) muid
Tosaíonn mo chroí ag crith
A bheabaí abair yeah, yeah yeaah
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Tá tú ag iarraidh crochadh thart
Tá tú ag iarraidh bheith i gceart
A bheabaí abair yeah, yeah yeaah
Yeah, yeah!
Gabh i leith ‘is póg mé

Na na na na na …………

Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh
Ag iarraidh thú fháisceadh docht
Yeah, spraoi ‘is craic a bheas ann anocht
Fág seo!

La breá, inniu nó (a)márach
Geobhaidh me thú
Beidh tú liomsa, liomsa, liomsa
Aon am, is cuma cén t-am
(Tá) Tusa dhomsa
Ta tú dhomsa, dhomsa, dhomsa

For the English lyrics, and a vid of One Direction performing “Kiss You”, please click HERE

Seems to me that my head is a place where the distant past (of my ancestors), my personal past and my personal present kind of fuse, and come together, in the most unexpected of ways.  Maybe that’s how it is for you too? 


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A new site re: Saving South Australian graves

Hi all,
No doubt regular readers will not need to be told that I tend to digress, go off track and temporarily “lose the plot” from time to time    🙄

I also reckon that you same readers also know that I seem to have become somewhat fixated on matters related to the burial of loved ones and especially my horror at the desecration/ destruction of those places where so many of our Ancestors and Pioneers were laid to R.I.P. here in South Australia.

No apologies for that, but have decided to transfer this writing/ information to another site so that those with a particular interest in this re-use/ recycling of our South Australian gravesites can access the info there.

The site is “South Australian Graves Under Threat” and here’s a LINK if you want to check it out.

Cheerio for now…

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TROVE TUESDAY: Show time in Adelaide!!!

The "Mad Mouse" at the Royal Adelaide Show - courtesy of Wikipedia

The “Mad Mouse” at the Royal Adelaide Show – courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s SHOW TIME here in South Australia,  with lots of fun, spills and laughter as the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show kicks on…  What a surprise it was to discover, thanks to TERRIFIC TROVE, that it was also ShowTime, here in Adelaide, exactly 100 years ago. Hope you enjoy my discoveries as much as I did.


On the very first page it’s clear that, in 1913, the “Royal Adelaide Show” was the perfect opportunity for retailers to seek the patronage of the many country folk flocking to the City.  John Martin’s, the iconic Adelaide department store affectionately known as “Johnnies”, paved the way with this full column advertisement on Page 1.




Page 2 offers a raft of Amusements to take in, interesting “Funerals” also get a mention under the Amusements.


On that same page we see advertised some of the events Show.

TROVE.10Sep1913.p2.Royal Stock ShowFlipping over to page 5, I was most interested to read that the ladies could stock up on their Corsets


… whilst their hubbies could pop over to “Holden and Frost” to purchase a replacement for that old and tattered “buggy hood”.  Yep, that “Holden” is the original South Australian Company which grew to become “Holden GM” and is now threatened with closure, resulting in the loss of jobs for many thousands of hardworking, loyal employees in the Northern suburbs…but I digress    😳

TROVE.10Sep1913.p5.Holden Buggy Hoods

Whilst all this “show time” activity was going on, I was most pleased to see that our “pollies” were hard at work in the South Australian Parliament… and noted that there was one of those familiar “land grabs” to take some of Colonel William Light‘s planned” parklands” for other purposes. 100 years later, I can say that “the powers that be” were successful in eating away at our “lungs of the city” and the “Police Barracks” were indeed built there.


On page 9 we see three “ideal homes” advertised for sale and the next three pages are chocka full of all the other opportunities “our country cousins”  have to purchase homes in suburbia.


On page 12 there are more welcomes…



If I fancy one of those “new fangled” music makers I can go to Allans…

TROVE.10Sep1913.p  .gramophone

and popping into the “Quality Tailors” for a guaranteed 3 Guinea (3 pounds and three shillings, in the old currency) suit might be well worth checking out.


Whilst I’m in that area maybe a trip to get my teeth checked would be the way to go… Maybe I’ll get them all pulled out and be done with it?…  Joseph Blitz says, on page 19, that he can provide me with “the best set of teeth in the world“. mmmhhh… ?


Maybe I should get a second opinion and check out this other dentist bloke…


Oh look!!! …  I missed that back there on Page 23. Must get some photos of the kiddies. Not sure if I’ll have time to make it to the dentist this year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ooopsie.. not quite sure what happened there readers. Seems that part way through someone jumped in and I started “channelling” them. No worries…
emoticon - laughing

Thanks TROVE… I love you.


Many thanks also to Amy Houston, of Branches, Leaves & Pollen, for initiating the TROVE TUESDAY Theme. Please click HERE to visit Amy’s Blog and HERE to read the contributions of others.

Incidentally, apart from the Amusements page and the Advertiser Banner… all pictures are exactly the same size, as published, in The Advertiser of 10 September 1913.

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Always the loving  Mum and Nana... here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

Always the loving Mum and Nana… here with Grand Daughter, Kirrily Ann, on her Special Day.

On this, the 6th Anniversary of my beautiful mum’s death, I’m remembering how my daughter, and I, sat with her and what a terrible “passing” it was. Also how cruelly she was abandoned for the final 10 years of her life, by some of her family, which almost broke her heart and now reading their platitudinous comments is most distressing.

However, this little gem just floated to me from “cyberspace” and I’m laughing along with my precious mum, whose wicked sense of humour comes shining through…

Love ya mum and thanks for the cheerup

This time last year I made my first “KIVA loan” in Mum’s memory and chose to loan to a young woman in Peru to help pay for her continuing Education, which is what mum would love. You can read about it HERE.


It’s a delight to know how very little money can make such a huge difference in another person’s life and to see them paying it back month by month simply adds to the pleasure and enables you to re-loan to another deserving person who just needs a bit of a “leg up”.   

Why not give it a try… a $25 loan can do so much. For more info just go to the Genealogists for Families’ Project  and see how very easy it is.

May you forever REST IN PEACE Kathleen Mary (Allan) Crout
31 March 1925 – 6 September 2007




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TROVE TUESDAY: The problem with cemeteries…


It is clear that managing South Australian cemeteries has always been problematic and continues today. Trove, which is indeed a Treasure Trove of unfathomable beauty, dropped this little jewel into my cyber-space orbit today, from the “South Australian Register” circa 1904.

Banner. The Register

Cemeteries. Trove. West Tce 1

Cemeteries. Trove. West Tce2

The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Friday 1 July 1904, page 4

Thankyou TROVE for providing invaluable information to help us re-construct the past and put our Ancestor’s lives into perspective. I love you!!!


Many thanks also to Amy Houston, of Branches, Leaves & Pollen, for initiating the TROVE TUESDAY Theme. Please click HERE to visit Amy’s Blog and HERE to read the contributions of others.

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