Friday Funny: Get off my boobs!!!…

Cartoon. genealogy. boobs

It’s an ongoing battle, here in South Australia, to keep many our Ancestor’s where they were laid to R.I.P.  –  The desecration and destruction of Ancestral sites, when the lease has not been renewed, particularly in inner suburban areas is quite horrifying… so whilst battling to change the law you do have to take some time out to have a bit of a laugh, I reckon.

Cheers… Catherine.

Copyright © 2013.  Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Get off my boobs!!!…

    • Oh… crack me up, Kirrily Ann 😆
      All I could think about, when reading your message, was how your Nana/ my Mum would refer to her boobs as “saddle bags” given the effects of time, age, babies swinging off them… not to mention gravity. ha ha ha!!!

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