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The man in the arena!

As arguably the most contentious, vitriolic, nasty, parliamentary term in our political history comes to a close, and the election for the next parliament draws near, I thought it was worth reflecting on a Prime Ministership that Could and should have been seen as a coming of age for Australia.

It could also have been somewhat of a cultural watershed,  as a leader of fine intellect, courage, determination, skill, substance and vision, stepped up to negotiate the political minefield of forming minority government, with the help and confidence of two of the most truly decent (albeit right leaning) independent politicians that this country has seen.

A formidable task for any Labor man, but this was not a Labor man, but rather a Labor woman, Julia Gillard, who went on to become our first female PM.


Now we all know the history of her rise to…

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2 thoughts on “THE MAN IN THE ARENA!

  1. Hi Catherine, I followed the link from truthseekers page.
    Thanks for re blogging. I suggested the Man in the Arena to truthy a few weeks back, because it sums up how I felt about Julia G.
    Truthy’s excellent text in the preamble, only served to make it better and more meaningful.
    Cheers, Russell D

    • What a great team you two make Russell… so brilliant that I absolutely had to share. It’s been re-blogged, tweeted and facebooked… 😀 Great job!!! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Cheers…

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