A Special Birthday Celebration…


Here is my first born baby celebrating his 46th Birthday in his own special way… grabbing life with both hands and enjoying every minute of it.

Phew!!! … Happy Birthday, Cullen Andrew XXX

Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout- Habel – Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family


7 thoughts on “A Special Birthday Celebration…

    • Thanks Marisa… Each of children’s birthdays have always been a special moment when I reflect on the wonder that they are and especially how each has enriched my life in the most unexpected of ways.
      How amazing is it that me, who is terrified of heights and water, has a son who loves jumping out of aircraft and a daughter who spent her teenage years happily throwing her precious body of the highest of high diving board… 😉 xxx

    • 😀 Thankfully Kim he introduced me to what would become one of his greatest joys by showing a video of himself completing one of his first jumps. phew!!! Sure was much easier to deal with when having him safely sitting alongside me.
      Must admit though… that when you hear, on the radio, that a skydiver has “gone down” at his Drop Zone and know he’s jumping that day… the blood pressure does skyrocket… 😦 Each of my chickadees has taught me to be far braver than I ever would have believed…

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