TROVE TUESDAY: On the day of my Nana’s birth…

Elizabeth Mary Allan (nee Murray)My Nana, Elizabeth Mary (Murray/ Evans) Allan was born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, on 19 Sep 1892.  Nana was the third child of Eliza Jane Rowen, and Peter Murray, and the first to survive the terrible living conditions in Broken Hill at that time…so, as the 121st Anniversary of her birth is fast approaching I decided to check with TROVE to have a look at the reported events on the actual day she was born.

Through the wonders of TROVE I’d already discovered that there was huge Industrial unrest, and a  miner’s strike, in which my Nana’s Uncle Andrew was involved a month after her birth. You can read about this in my “Scabs and Riots” post by clicking here.

Banners. The Barrier Miner

The Barrier Miner, on the day Nana was born, reported that the Miner’s Strike in Broken Hill was being supported as far away as Sydney with some 10,000 people protesting and demonstrating.

TROVE. The strike. 19Sep1892

Advertisements, on that some day, show how some retailers were supporting the striking workers in helping them feed their families.

Trove. The Strike. Walsh

I have clear indications that “Walsh & Son” are most likely related, via marriage, to one of my Nana’s Aunts but need to research further…

Trove The strike. same page advert

Thankyou TROVE for providing the information to help me re- construct the lives of my Ancestors, confirming some family stories whilst dispelling some of the myths.


Many thanks also to Amy Houston, of Branches, Leaves & Pollen, for initiating the TROVE TUESDAY Theme.  Please click HERE to visit Amy’s Blog and HERE to read the contributions of others.


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

8 thoughts on “TROVE TUESDAY: On the day of my Nana’s birth…

    • I’m so glad Frances… Knowing the social, and physical environment, our Ancestors lived through is important in understanding them, their decisions and many of the thinking patterns handed down through the generations, I reckon… like with your amazing Ancestor, Nicholas Delaney.
      We are so lucky, here in Australia, to have our National Library digitising the newspapers and making them freely available through TROVE… shhh… don’t let anyone hear, they might start charging us 😉

  1. The picture of your Nana shows a loving and caring person. What a incredible gesture to celebrate the anniversary of her birth. Trove is a great idea. When one looks back at history, it is so true nothing is new under the sun.

    • Thankyou Shelley… I didn’t know my Nana very well because she died when I was quite young, but certainly the stories of the very caring person she was has been handed down. e.g. her determination, and continuing effort during “the Great Depression” of the 1920’s & 1930’s, to see that the children of long term unemployed workers in the Port Adelaide area were fed, the babies clothed etc…
      Quite amazing really, I must get those recorded so she is properly remembered by her descendants. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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