Cousins cousins everywhere…

Something rather strange, and amazing, is happening in my life right now. Sadly since mum’s death, a couple of years ago, I’ve become alienated from my three siblings and some of their children, for reasons which are too complex to even think about… nor would I discuss such private matters publicly.

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However, it seems that maybe this was meant to be because the vacuum created has been filled with an endless flow of “cousins” from all corners of the earth.  Some are living just “down the track”, others in nearby Australian states after emigrating from Britain… the “mother country”.  Then there are my amazing Canadian cousins who hail from different/ similar parts of the family tree.  Am still waiting to hear from Keith, in London, as to where he fits into our family.

Then there are the connections with my former husband’s cousins who are “blood” rellies of my own dear children/ grandchildren. Not to mention communication with my much loved deceased sister-in-law’s cousin and re-connecting their children who were childhood friends but have lost contact over time…


It’s such a joy and my life is enriched beyond measure. The best of all has to be the happiness which much of my research has brought to others re: the replacing of family myths with well researched and verifiable information.  e.g. The story about the only son of  my Great Great Grandmother Susan has become a bit mis-construed over the years and he is a man to be truly honoured which I wrote about HERE and has now been passed onto his descendants.

… and so it continues.

Next on my Agenda MUST be clarifying the story as to why my dad was initially charged with “attempted murder” and then incarcerated in an “Insane Asylum”.  It was horrifying to hear of how this truly tragic period in my dad’s life has been mis-construed and this false/ biased information had been passed onto some of his descendants.

Cousins cousins everywhere… what a joy!!!  Thanks for your love, sharing and continuing support as we work together to reconstruct our shattered families.


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

12 thoughts on “Cousins cousins everywhere…

  1. Awwww…so nice. I am in a similar…and really can’t believe my luck in having my newly found cousins in my life. It really was a stroke of fortune…xxx

    • G’day Jane… and what a treasure you are indeed 🙂 xxx
      All that way over there in Canada and we’re working so well together with the continuing of the research into our families … along with June, Geoff … etc… 🙂 Thanks SO much for helping me narrow down the period I needed to focus on re: finding out what happened to our Rosa Patience Crout. As soon as that Marriage Certificate hits my postbox you’ll sure know about it!!! 😀

  2. I’m loving meeting my cousins too. A couple of months ago I met two cousins one from Tasmania and one from Adelaide. We had a great time catching up at the State Library cafe.

    • It is such a joy, eh Kylie?…
      The biggest step for me was to actually reach out to one of my mum’s cousins, here in South Oz, after my precious mum died. Mum made the decision to separate from her birth family when I was about 6 years old and after her mum died. Mum made it very clear that she did not want any of us to try to make contact with any of them… but I did choose to do so some years after mum died and have never regretted it because I did make it VERY clear that I didn’t want to go into any “scuttlebutt” and that whatever probs our “olds” had was of no interest to me, at all. My CUZ agreed 100% with that and it’s been such a joy to be sharing memories and filling in the gaps.
      Life is good and so pleased to hear about your “cousin catchup” Kylie 🙂 …

    • Oh… thanks so much for the prompt Su Leslie. I really do need to focus my attention on this matter and set the record straight.
      It truly does seem that, in these final stages of my life, my most important purpose is to clearly record the facts (with verifiable evidence) and dispel the myths which are rampant throughout my family tree. Oh, that does sound rather “over the top” eh? ha ha ha! 😀

  3. Your investigations into the story of your father sounds like an interesting task. Best of luck on that. I recently had the good fortune to stumble across newspaper archives which show photos (and articles) of my father and his parents, brother, sisters, etc. We all got a kick out of that!

    • Old Newspapers sure are full of lots of fascinating info, aren’t they J.G.?… I luv ’em but am often a bit worried though when people accept some really controversial newspaper articles as the absolute and complete truth… without any verifiable additional info or the context in which the event happened. Newspapers were often just as biased and sensationalist in the past as they are today 😦
      It is wonderful to find happy stories about your own ancestors though… and even my own Birth Notice gave me such a thrill 🙂 …

  4. How wonderful that your research is bringing such joy to you and to cousins/Cozens everywhere! At some stage (perhaps after clarifying Granddad’s story) you need to start formalising it in to your book. What a fantastic book it would be – the stories of our families and those connected to it (however that may be). Lots of love xxx 🙂

    • Thanks my darling girl… hmmm… you’ve got me thinking thaat maybe I should at least make a start, possibly by transferring the “Family History Through the Alphabet” posts to a book. I’ve sent a message to Pauleen via her blog post about how to do this and asked a few questions.
      … and THANKYOU for finding that my dad had a sister, and introducing me to the wonders of on-line research Kirrily Ann… and look where it’s ended up. Who ever would have guessed I’d become so obsessive, eh? 😉 xxx

    • That’s wonderful Sheryl… and what an extra bonus for them that they get to read the very words written in her Diary when your Grandma (my Miss Muffly 🙂 ) was in her teens. Along with all the other fascinating info that you add from publications of that period. I wonder if you’ve thought about transferring it to a book… We’re lucky to have Pauleen to give us tips, I reckon 🙂

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