The passing of an era…

“Ta bron orm” … the sadness is upon me.

The passing of an era happened less than 24 hours ago.

Leslie Eden Crout. (c) June Leslie Crout.

Leslie Eden Crout. (c) June Leslie Crout.

My Uncle Leslie Eden Crout died in Canada, aged 97.  He’s the younger of my dad’s two half brother and I have no idea if Dad ever knew that Leslie existed but I’m sure they’ll be catching up now… along with their dad and all the rest of them…in that world beyond this.  I’m sending them all much love and hope that their “catching up” will be harmonious with all the past hurts and rejection put to one side and that they’ll rejoice in finally finding each other.


© Copyright 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

10 thoughts on “The passing of an era…

    • Thankyou Frances… so recently recovered/ discovered and now lost again… but beautiful rememberings will continue to be passed on from his near and dear ones. Of that I’m very grateful as it adds to, and enriches, our entire family story.

  1. Although it’s sad Mum, how wonderful that you discovered the link to him before he passed. Did he know that the link with Australia had been discovered? Much love xxxx

    • Of that I’m not sure Kirrily Ann. Leslie Eden, like your Grandad, lived to a grand age but suffered the same mental decline in his later years.
      I like to think that, at some level, he knew of the recently discovered connection with his Australian family. A much loved and loving family man who certainly deserves to now Rest In Peace.
      Thanks for your loving message my darling girl xxx

    • Many thanks Kerryn… I actually never knew this half Uncle of mine but his name (intiials) came up in my Grandfather’s Army records re: a payment in his name when his father/ my grandfather was serving in the “Canadian Expeditionary Force” in France during WW1.
      Turned out that dad’s mysterious musician of a father actually moved over to Canada, shortly after dad’s birth, and had another family over there. Took a lot of determination, on my part, to track them down but it has all been SO worthwhile. None of us care about what the “oldies” were up to and why they did what they did… all we care about is that we’ve found family. Can’t get any better than that, eh? 😀 …

  2. I’m thinking of you and the family. What a nice tribute! I really like how you reached out to family members who you didn’t know existed until recently.

    • Thanks Sheryl… yep, seems that I’m destined to bring all these “separated” parts of family back together… Another example is that a couple of years ago, after mum died, I found the courage to make contact with a cousin of mums. We have lots of fun chatting, sharing memories and just like with my recently discovered cousins in Canada we don’t care to know what the issues with “the oldies” were that ripped the family apart.
      It’s a bit kind of “weirdo”… because, at the same time and since mum died, I’ve now become estranged from what remains of my birth family 😦 … However, the best thing is that my children have heeded my wishes … i.e. to not take ANY notice, at all, about any silly stuff going on with their oldies and just cling together, as cousins, and make sure that their children grow up knowing who their family are… unlike me.
      Thanks for caring xxx

  3. You’re so kind Sheryl… actually I’m sometimes a kind of a “twit” 😉 … and would like to know all the answers. HA HA HA!!! Fact is that I’ve never felt the need to pretend to be perfect and have always shared experiences in the hope that it helps others. Guess I learnt that from my gorgeous mum. Of course, being so honest/ outspoken sometimes blows up in my face but who cares… eh?
    Always enjoy chatting with you and your beautiful Grandmother’s Diary (MY Miss Muffly) enriches my life. Thanks so much.

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