Sentimental Sunday: Grave concerns continue in Western Australia…

GRAVES at Karrakatta WA. 19May2013.Over a month ago I wrote about the wanton destruction, and desecration of Gravesites in Western Australia.

Sadly,  I’ve received photographs taken today ,19 May 2013, at the Anglican Section ZL of Karrakatta Cemetery showing that this travesty is continuing.


Desecration at Karrakatta Cemetery - 19 May 2013

Desecration at Karrakatta Cemetery – 19 May 2013

Desecration at Karrakatta Cemetery - 19 May 2013

Desecration at Karrakatta Cemetery – 19 May 2013

“Saving Groves – WA” are asking people, from all over the world, to sign a petition to Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Government of Western Australia to get this sacrilegious practice stopped.  They report:

“For almost 30 years the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has been clearing headstones from Karrakatta Cemetery and will commence this practice in the Fremantle Cemetery in the near future.

Previously headstones have been removed from many graves of our soldiers that fought and suffered badly during the wars so that we may have our freedom. Now they have no markers on their graves … is this the way we thank them?

Headstones from founding pioneers, people who have contributed historically to this state have had headstones removed … is this how we thank them?

Previously, valuable historic information and artefacts have been sent off and crushed for road base and we honour these people by driving over it.

The MCB have declared that this is no longer the practice however there has been limited evidence that this is the process.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has other options available without removing headstones from graves but they refuse to consider these options.”

GRAVES at Karrakatta WA.

To sign the petition, please click on the link below:

People from all over Australia, and from all over  the world, have family buried in Western Australian Cemeteries… maybe one of your Ancestors has been laid to rest here?

GRAVES at Karrakatta WA. Please sign petition


Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Government of Western Australia

We the undersigned petition the Western Australian Legislative Assembly to request the Minister for Local Government to direct the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board to cease their renewal program, specifically the removal of headstones, effective immediately. We petition the Members of the Legislative Assembly of WA to also undertake a further review of the Cemeteries Act WA 1986 to ensure the prevention of the desecration and removal of headstones from graves of people interned at all Cemeteries within Western Australia.

[Your name]



Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

10 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday: Grave concerns continue in Western Australia…

  1. Catherine….you really have to check the sanity of some people. I have signed the petition and can only hope that all this nonsense will end.
    C Jane

    • WOW!!! Thanks Cousin Jane up there in Canada… can hardly believe it’s you. I’m just, at this very moment, catching up with our Cousins/Cozens emails and think yours may be next in line 🙂 …
      Thanks SO very much for signing the petition Jane. We need all the signatures we can get. My little boy Jarren’s grave is under the control of the MCB and the lovely people at “Saving Graves – WA” are keeping an eye on it for me although it seems the MCB is too busy desecrating the graves at Karrakatta to be bothering with Midland just yet 😦

  2. Witnessed this at first hand when I went to Karrakatta cemetery in March 2012 looking for a grave of an Irishman who had fought in the American Civil war . The cemetery office gave me a photograph of the memorial before it had been ‘lawned over’ . Such a strange practice – amazed they can do it!

    • Oh…it is indeed a shocking practice Angela. What is the name of this brave Irishman whose grave has been desecrated? …

      Sandra from the “Saving Graves – WA” facebook page has posted the following message and it’d be great if you could contact her and give her the info… to help bring a stop to this. Sandra wrote:

      “I have an important request. Can those people who have experienced losing a headstone from a grave at Karrakatta, been contacted by the MCB to renew a license or have contacted the MCB for the purpose of renewing a license please contact me by email and give me a brief outline of the experiences.
      This information is important for our cause.
      Bright Blessings

    • Thanks Marisa… luvya!
      Please pass it on especially to your international friends & family. The more people outside of Australia who express their opinion, by signing the petition, the better… ❤

      • Will do, Auntie Catherine! I am shocked to hear about it! And very sorry that you have had to enlist the help of others to protect Jarren’s grave 😦 I am so glad you have found people to do it, but you shouldn’t even have to! This shouldn’t be going on at all! ❤ xx

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  4. I signed this petition a couple of weeks ago because I’m disgusted with this insult to the memory of the fallen. I received an update to say the appeal was suspended as Parliament had gone into a break? I just checked now though and all seems fine. I tweeted and facebooked it for others to be as outraged as me. Are they also denying new burials a headstone?
    This is horror, if they re-turf the plots then people will be looking at a field not a memorial and that’s wrong. They might as well erect goalposts and allow football. People buy these plots as somewhere to come and visit their family. They should belong to that person and not the Commission who maybe should be able to prevent massive, overpowering memorials spoiling the place but should allow a memorial stone on the plots bought and paid for. How else will people know if they’re in the right spot.
    I’ve known old headstones in the UK be broken up as roadfill and I hope that doesn’t happen there, though the authorities will need to dispose of those they remove. And yet these are private property, bought and paid for so they’re committing act of vandalism. I wish you the best of luck in getting this stopped.

    • Thankyou David for all your support. Yes the petition in Western Australia is still progressing although soon they’ll be closing it to present to Parliament to be tabled, debated and acted upon or ignored 😦
      Here, in South Australia (just east of WA) the “renewal process” is even more horrific and involves interfering with the “remains” in order to place strangers on top… and destroying the memorials. We’ve now set up a “Saving Graves – South Australia” Facebook group and are working with WA and Victoria, and supporting each other to try and bring about change.
      Major problem is that many Cemeteries are actually on “Crown Land” and the burial plots are not purchased but leased, for a specific period of time. If the lease is not renewed then ownership reverts to those who manage the property on behalf of the Crown/ Government etc. Bit hard to renew a lease if you’ve already passed on, eh? …
      Thanks for your best wishes… It’s the support of people like you, from over the seas, which helps progress our case more than you would ever believe 🙂

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