THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Is microwaving our food damaging our health?…

THINKING - catWith every spare minute taken up with exciting family researching this week… reflecting and writing a “Thoughtful Thursday” post was not “in the running” but then a Facebook post yesterday changed all that. The little girl inside me kept stamping her tiny foot, whining and demanding to know “Why?… is that really true?”  She refused to be hushed and kept reminding me of the claim we investigated that margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys and when it killed the turkeys it was adapted to feed to humans. That was proven to be an absolute nonsense, a myth… would this latest allegation prove to be the same?  I had to know… we had to know.  It’s the post below which sent me off on a tangent.

Microwaving myths

“Mademoiselle Google” soon brought up heaps of information…. the majority report that this is just another myth doing the rounds of Facebook. “EHealthMD” has probably the best overall coverage and provides links to other sites/ information. They claim:

“Stories detailing the dangers of microwaved food permeate the internet. Yet it takes only a quick skim and a smattering of scientific literacy to see that most of the claims made in those stories are based on poor science, rumors, fear mongering, and conspiracy theory.”

In regard to microwaves changing the structure of food their response is:

“This one started out as one of those widely-circulated emails that described somebody’s granddaughter’s science fair experiment. One plant was watered with water that had been boiled on a stovetop, the other with water that had been boiled in the microwave. The accompanying photos supposedly show the gradual demise of the plant watered with the microwaved water.


: As an experiment, the two-plant scenario wouldn’t pass muster for an elementary school science fair project. Barbara Mikkelson over at offers an explanation of the scientific method – for those of you who slept through junior high science class – and debunks this myth solidly. She also ended up with several very healthy-looking plants.”

It is also reported that:

“One of the strongest anti-microwave voices on the web is Joseph Mercola, an Illinois-based alternative physician who runs has been recycling and adding to an article about the “proven dangers of microwaves” since at least 1994. By 2010, the Mercola spiel had incorporated just about every microwave myth known to the internet.

Mercola mixes in just enough truth to make it seem believable – for instance, you can kill 99 percent of bacteria on a dish sponge by microwaving it on high for one minute. He cites a few trustworthy sources (such as the Food and Drug Administration) for information about the verified hazards of microwave cooking. But that’s about where the reliability stops. Click around a bit, and you’ll find that most of Mercola’s sources about the hazards of microwaved foods are strongly biased and based on shoddy science.”

You can read more about Mercoli’s claims, and the debunking of them, by clicking HERE.

Well… there you have it.  My little girl is satisfied and I happily choose to believe that my use of the microwave, over the past 30+ years, has not damaged the health any of my precious children and I’m certainly going to go on using my WONDERFUL Microwave/ Convection Oven.

Microwaving I wonder what others think?…  Back to my research now and other pressing matters.




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12 thoughts on “THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Is microwaving our food damaging our health?…

    • Thanks Kylie… but really it’s that pesky little girl inside me who forces me to do it . She just keeps stamping her foot and whining 😉 …
      Seriously though, isn’t that what we Family History researchers/ writers love. The mystery, the hunt, weighing up the evidence, coming to a decision and clearly recording it all. CRIKEY!!! I think we must all be scientists… 🙂

  1. I try not to use the microwave too much but it not through fear of glow in the dark food, I just prefer the taste of stove cooked food. Nevertheless, I always use it for rice and where else would I reheat yummy leftover Chinese!! 🙂

    • HA HA HA!!! … what’s wrong with the glowing in the dark, eh? Saves on electricity… 🙂 I don’t cook entirely with microwave for the same reason however a combination works pretty well for speediness and tastiness. Mostly though I use just the microwave for reheating… YUM YUM YUM… now I’m going to have to go get something to eat!

      • If only there was a constant supply of leftovers ready for reheating without any of the cooking beforehand, eh? 😀

  2. Like you, I make a point of investigating and rebuffing the garbled pseudo-scientific (or perhaps I should say anti-scientific) scare-mongering posts that do the rounds of Facebook or emails from time to time. This was a new one to me. I loved the bits about the “agitated” molecules and the “corrupted” DNA!

    • Lovely to hear from you Maureen… Glad I’m not the only one who also follows up on these questionable claims. Rarely does the person who has posted the message ever do a re-think but I don’t care. It’s the teacher in me that says, “hey… let’s have a look at this and make up our own minds” It’s called “teaching critical thinking” and my 5,6 and 7 year olds were very good at it 🙂 I love this vid that my son discovered:

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