Not Just A Burial Place

As one who is desperately trying to stop Australian Cemeteries “re-newing” graves… read that as “desecrating gravesites and removing remains/ headstones etc”… I was delighted to read this Blog and to know that at least NSW have their priorities right! Enjoy…

In search of Harris

Jewish burial customs require that the deceased be interred as soon as possible after death.   Taking this into account, the two likely locations for my great-grandfather’s grave were Liverpool and Sheffield.  Grimsby was a remote possibility due to the presence of siblings and father living there.

Michael Saltman had mentioned that by 2011, the Jewish community in Grimsby had shrunk to three people.   To paraphrase Avrom, the most vital institution of this once thriving community was now its cemetery, the synagogue having ceased to function.

I was impressed to read that the North East Lincolnshire Archives has more than two kilometres of shelving filled with 12,000 boxes of records dating from the 13th century.  If Israel had been buried in Grimsby, I figured that he would show up in these records.  He didn’t.

That left Sheffield and Liverpool.

I had stumbled across a blog devoted to the conservation of…

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3 thoughts on “Not Just A Burial Place

    • My pleasure indeed… thankyou for the writing.
      I’ve just passed the link onto “Saving Graves WA” who have a campaign to stop the desecration of Karrakatta Cemetery in WA which is one of their oldest.
      Your research is wonderful and your tenacity inspiring. All the best as you continue the hunt 🙂 …

      • Thanks for the compliment, appreciated. We’re fortunate in NSW to have had a strong conservation movement for a while. It’s hard to mess with anything these days without someone noticing and saying something about it! Karrakatta is obviously a cemetery of some considerable importance; good luck with the campaign.

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