TROVE TUESDAY: … of drunks and vegetable soup

Curing drunkenness and cooking up a tasty bowl of German vegetable soup were, it seems, matters of concern to South Australian women 100 years ago…

Back in TimeAlways fascinated by the daily life of my Ancestors  I’ve found Australia’s free digitised newspapers, on Trove, as a perfect way to satisfy my curiosity and have decided it will be fun  to share these discoveries with readers by participating in Amy Houstons, theme of Trove Tuesday.

The plan is to select items at random from a range of South Australian newspapers, from 100 years ago, and have a look at what my Ancestors may have been reading.  It will be interesting to see what turns up.


Banner. The Chronicle

TROVE TUESDAY. Drunkeness Cured

Drunkenness Cured. 22 Mar 1913. p3. The Chronicle: Adelaide, South Australia.

Banner. The Mail

TROVE TUESDAY. German Vegetable Soup

German Vegetable Soup. 22 Mar 1913. p.3. The Mail: Adelaide, South Australia.





Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

4 thoughts on “TROVE TUESDAY: … of drunks and vegetable soup

    • Thanks Sheryl… glad you enjoyed them. I chuckled to read that you could give “the cure” secretly 🙂 and reckon the soup looks pretty tasty. Might try it but would probably use bacon bones, at the beginning, and would need to find out exactly what Bologna is, although I know it’s a type of German sausage.

  1. Bologna is actually an Italian sausage so this is probably a recipe by someone trying to make a “German Style” soup. I have old recipe books with stuff like that in them.

    • Thanks for dropping by Michelle… Yep, Bologna is an Italian Sausage but, according to Wikipedia, there’s also a German version which has different seasonings particularly Garlic. It’s often also called “German Sausage” but in Germany is “Fleischwurstin”. Austria has a slightly different name for Bologna, as do other countries…
      I love old recipe books too and actually have a couple of very old South Australian genuine German Cookbooks… must check them out for Bologna :-)… Cheers.

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