TROVE TUESDAY… of Washing Days & Suffragettes

Back in TimeAlways fascinated by the daily life of my Ancestors  I’ve found Australia’s free digitised newspapers, on Trove, as a perfect way to satisfy my curiosity and have decided it will be fun  to share these discoveries with readers by participating in Amy Houston’s, theme of Trove Tuesday

The plan is to select items at random from a range of South Australian newspapers, from 100 years ago, and have a look at what my Ancestors may have been reading.  It will be interesting to see what turns up.


The Advertiser - Banner

Washing Day a Pleasure

Washing Day a Pleasure
12 Mar 1913. pg 3.  The Advertiser: Adelaide, South Australia.


The Border Watch - Banner

Those Suffragettes

Those Suffragettes
12 Mar 1913. pg 3. Border Watch: Mount Gambier, South Australia.




Thankyou to Crissouli of “That Moment in Time” for the opening image.


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

16 thoughts on “TROVE TUESDAY… of Washing Days & Suffragettes

  1. ‘Washing day a pleasure’? I love this! It would still have been hard work, but maybe a lot less than doing the dreaded wash in the traditional way. I researched that a year or so ago, and it was back-breaking work, especially for women like my great-grandmother, Mary Maude, who lived in the country, lugging heavy buckets from the stream or the well and boiling, boiling, scrubbing and wringing all day.

    I’m gald I live in the 12st century!

    The sufragette protest in fascinating, too. How scornful they were about women voting – the very idea.

    I love putting our ancestors’ lives in context and getting glimpses of their lives.

    Great post, Catherine.

    • Thanks Frances. Laughed so much at your comment. Oh yes… very hard work for my Great Grandmother Eliza Jane too… I’ve blogged about how she used to walk into town, with a babe on hip and toddler by her side to do the washing for the hotel to help “make ends meet” 😦
      I reckon I’m gonna have lots of fun with this Trove Tuesday format I’ve come up with. Have to stay strong though and just go with the first articles that jump into my vision or I’d spend forever dilly dallying and reading the WHOLE paper …
      It is a joy trying to put their lives into some sort of context, eh? … Cheers.

      • It really is a joy. I know what you mean about staying strong, though. It would be easy to lose weeks just wandering in Trove…

  2. Only 5 suffragettes caused so much trouble?? What a bunch of wimps. Such a threat to national security!
    Shame there were only 5 there on the day. They must have been very formidable women (good for them!).

    • G’day Janelle… how lovely to hear from you. Yes, sirree… a “bunch of whimps” indeedie and poor old “Kingie” was insulted and “flushed deeply” when he “looked out of the carriage window” and those fearful attackers “threw papers at the coach”. Worse than that… when the Yeoman of the Guard threatend those wild women two of them were undaunted and sent another volley of missiles i.e. “manifestoes”/ papers at the coach. HA HA HA!!! 😀
      Incredibly courageous, and determined women indeedie. Toodles.

    • Weren’t they just Sheryl!!! 😀 … Terrible troublemaker indeed. Fancy expecting to be able to vote, like a man… and all the rest of it. “Barefoot & pregnant” is their calling and why are they refusing to LISTEN? … ha ha ha…
      Oh yes, 100 years ago is indeed a fascinating time. Am remembering that somehow you found my blog about “bathing costumes” of 100 years ago, I checked out your blog and fell in love with Miss Muffly, you Grandmother, and am constantly entranced by her Journal/ Diary entries as a teenager 100 years ago.
      Guess this is why when I decided to start on this “Trove Tuesday” exercise, 100 years ago seemed the appropriate time to go backwards in time. Thanks so much for the daily delight you and your Grandmother bring to my life, Sheryl.
      Must say that it’s fascinating, to me, that I see her as a young teenage girl only and find it hard to think of MY Miss Helen Muffly actually being your Grandmother.

    • Thanks Kylie… oh… hooley dooley, I actually had a wringer washer in the early years of marriage. We were SO young and broke and for over 2 years I’d been washing everything by hand. Hubbie wanted another baby but I reckoned one was enough to give birth to but he promised to a washing machine… and so I succumbed. Easily bought, eh? {chuckle}…
      That picture reminded me that when I was very young mum had a wringer set like that between two concrete tubs with a “scrubbing board” in the left tub and a copper where she boiled up “the whites”. The right hand tub was for “rinsing” and for “bluing” the whites. Amazing how these things come back to you eh? Hot and cold water sure is a plus, eh?… I seem to remember that your childhood home was in the countryside, the Adelaide Hills, was it Kyle? Bye for now.

  3. Made me smile…in so many ways…washing day a pleasure? I still don’t think so, and of course, it is a breeze compared to how it was. My dog loves it though… he races in and out of the laundry with each load, tail wagging, big grin… I haven’t quite worked out what the attraction is, but he wears himself out each time. As for the contraption that was supposed to make things easier 🙂 .. Firstly, whose laundry would be big enough for it and it still looks as if you have to bucket water. Also, if it saved time, no wonder those pesky suffragettes had time to threaten the King with a petition… paper can hurt … You’ve left me smiling, always a good start to the day!

    Thank you…

    • Glad to have put “a smile on your dial” Chris 🙂 … Yep, you’re right. You would have to bucket the water but look at that “corker” spinning thingo which would cut down on the “rub a dub dubbing” and what a relief to the forearms to not have to do all that twisting & wringing.
      mmmhhh… seems those pesky suffragettes had probably built up their forearm muscles to the point where those bits of paper became “deadly weapons/ missiles” and now they had this super duper “labour saving device” they had time up their sleeves to go threatening “the kingo” in his carriage…
      ha ha ha… reminds me of the story I loved to read to my 6 year old students, over 20 years ago, and they loved to hear it. Was titled: “The Wild Washerwomen”.
      How lovely to have a chirpy little companion keeping your “Washaday Blues” away. Toodle oo for now.

  4. Oh. My. God. That I heart Trove pin! I must have one!
    Where would my blog be without Trove 😀

    I would love to have one of those new-fangled washing contraptions. It would be out there reminding me how easy we have it now and it will come in handy when the power is out or the modern machine is on the fritz! 😀

    • It sure is gorgeous, eh metan? … You’re welcome to “lift it” 😀 You sure find some fantastic articles on Trove and those “You Tube” vids. Whooo Hooo!!!

      Yeah… you’re right. That “contraption” could come in handy in an Emergency. Sure would beat the wringing of double sheets by hand… ooohhh, makes my forearms ache just to be remembering those “good old days”… 😉

      • And the dog blankets! I wash them in a wheelbarrow on the lawn so the fur won’t get on the clothes in the next load and the water won’t be wasted, but boy, my poor back, and my hands from the wringing! Can’t say it will ever be a ‘pleasure’ as advertised though…

        I want one of those Trove pins for real! I might have to go on a hunt now 😉

  5. Washing Day was a nightmare…I used to hate it when I was on school holidays. I’m the sort that throws everything in an automatic machine, hangs it out and gets on with it. I don’t really empathise with the need to complicate wash-day as some of our older generation still do. In the machine, out on the line, that’s me!

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