THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: … of laundries, yummy food and journeys

THINKING - baby.cartoonThinking… navel gazing… reflecting… call it what you will, I love it!

From the time I was “knee high to a grasshopper” I have always wondered WHY? … asked endless questions and no doubt driven those around me nearly crazy, which is probably why I’d sometimes got infuriating answers like:

* It’s  a wig- wam for a goose’s bridle.
* That’s for me to know and for you wonder about. * Just because…

As this blog is my legacy to my descendants, I’ve decided to start up “Thoughtful Thursday” posts to share some of the thoughts which have engaged me.  Maybe other readers will enjoy them too and maybe had similar thoughts?

ManyThanks to Cindy Freed, of “Genealogy Circle” for this idea.  Just click HERE to enjoy Cindy’s Thursday thoughts…


Apologies for being so slow off the mark this week. Be assured that it’s not because I’ve not been having “thoughts” but that maybe my brain has got a bit over- loaded with too much thinking 😀 … NOT REALLY, I’ve just been consumed with heaps of very re-warding family history research.

A haunting issue for me, for the past couple of weeks, has been the matter of “The Magdalene Laundries”.  I first read, in the “Irish Central”, about how Irish girls/women were incarcerated in Convents and became unpaid slaves. Many died there.

Magdalene tombstones

Here are just a few of the posts:

Of course it wasn’t just in Ireland that this abuse was being perpetrated but as far as the reaches of the Catholic Church… and that is worldwide.

I think that what horrified me most of all was to discover that “The Pines” convent, here in South Australia, was a Magdalene Laundry. I’d driven past is so often and thought of it as such a beautiful, calm and caring place. The abuse only ended there when the “laundry” was shut down in the mid 1970’s. The last, in Ireland, was closed in 1995… so this is not Ancient History.

Magdalene Laundries.Martyn Turner cssrtoon. Irish Times 20Feb2013

However, be assured that not all my thinking is taken up with issues of social justice, history etc.  I also have an absurd passion for collecting recipes… many of which I never cook.  This one, in particualr, took my fancy this week. French Onion soup with caramalised onions and gooey melted chees… yum yum yum

French Onion Soup with Stringy Melted Cheese

Finally, my Irish heart loves this story about how an Irishman influenced Columbus to take his voyage and discover America.

Christopher+Columbus and the Irish connection.—the-story-of-an-Irishman-who-discovered-America-and-inspired-Columbus-voyages-192547931.html

I wonder what it is that will be grabbing my attention over the coming week and what it is that fascinates you?…

Asking questions


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5 thoughts on “THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: … of laundries, yummy food and journeys

  1. My faith in human nature has taken a bit of a beating recently and after watching the slave labour clip I can only shake my head in wonder at why humans can be so cruel. Thanks Catherine, I had heard other similar stories about institutions but I hadn’t heard of the Magdalene Laundries before.
    The cheesy french onion soup sounds yum 😀

    • Oh, it was truly horrific Kerryn… indeed it was. I’m so sorry that thihgs have not been good for you lately so you might not like to follow this link which shows what was happening right here in my own back yard and sent me into shock 😦
      Yep, the thought of that french onion soup recipe, with all that gooey cheese, keeps ticklin’ my tastebuds so reckon I’m just gonna have to “give it a whirl” 😀 Always so lovely to hear from you, thanks 🙂 …

  2. The news of the laundries hit the UK media a few weeks ago and I was deeply saddened by these events. I wonder why the politicians seems to have such problems with making a formal apology, it has been the same with the children who were taken from their families and sent to NZ, Canada and Australia in what was believed was a better life, yet it was often stories of abuse that have been heard.

    As to the receipe, like you I collect them, and this one sounds delightful, but I am sure is a heartburn sufferer’s nightmare!

    • Oh yes… it’s a terrible business Julie 😦 We had a lot of shennanigans going on with our Government on Thursday… another attempted Leadership takeover and I was so cross that it over- shadowed our Prime Minister’s apology to those sufferring from this practice of “forced adoptions”. Here’s a link you might like to look at and hopefully it gives you just the video without all the rest:

      Laughed about your recipe comment esp because after the lunch I created today, with “food that needed to be used”… I was sure I could hear my arteries hardening. ha ha ha… but it WAS delish 😀

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