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Author Unknown

Australia Day Smiley Face




    • We obvious share the same sense of humour JG… absolutely cracked up when I read it and a few days later, on a 45C day, realised they should have added the 3rd degree burns on the soles of your feet when they touch the car pedals… 😀

      • Now that is bad! I think during our last summer, if we had tried, we would have been able to fry eggs on the concrete driveway.

  1. I understand it all of course, but I positively hate it when people leave out the “l” in Australia. Nor do I say ‘scuse me (it’s all in the intonation isn’t it) and rarely abbreviate names. So despite my fifth generation status perhaps I’m not really an Aussie;-) There’s lot to laugh at in it, especially when I have relations from near Wagga and other friends from Woy Woy and some people think we live in Woop Woop 🙂 There are …of course….a whole set of variations if you’re a Queenslander!

    • ha ha ha… yep, an absolute gross over-generalisation of some aspects of some Australians… rather like “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie”… “Crocodile Dundee” and, of course “Dame Edna… ” (aka Barry Humphries) 😀 … some Ozzies hate this type of humour and some love it.

    • Glad you enjoyed it too Sheryl… is really a bit of a “leg pull” 🙂 Some ozzies find this type of humour somewhat “cringe-worthy” but it absolutely cracks me up 😀

  2. Ohhh J.G… your comment re: being able to “fry eggs on the concrete driveway” had me laughing all over again! Reason?… a friend sent a video of him attempting to cook an egg on his shed roof, on that monstrously hot day, and we all laughed along with him SO SO much. Prob was that the roof was sloped and, before it had a chance to cook, it just slid down into the gutter. HA HA HA!!!

    • Oh my! Well if the roof hadn’t been sloped do you think he would have been successful (or did it cook in the gutter 😉 )?

      • HA HA HA!!! The general consensus J.G. was that Brett’s egg would have cooked on a FLAT roof but had no chance of cooking in the gutter which was “chocka” full of leaves which everyone paid him out about 🙂 …
        Do sometimes wonder if it’s only my generation, in my part of Oz, who show close friendship by making them the butt of jokes, pulling their leg etc…? However, does seem that it may be a kind of “tribal” thing which differs according to time, place and culture?

    • HA HA HA! … crack me up 😀 … Haven’t heard that expression for “donkey’s years”. My initials were CAC and you reminded me that one of my 3 bros (who will remain nameless for the moment 😉 ) loved teasing by calling me “cacky”… grrrrrrrrr 🙂

  3. ooohhh… now you got me goin’ too!!! … “May his chooks turn into emus and kick his dunny down!!!” … 😀 You MUST stop encouraging me to be “naughty” metan 😉 …

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