Being mum…

Cullen Habel. blog photoTerrified of heights will I ever get used to my eldest chickadee’s delight in throwing himself out of aeroplanes? …

There’s been a hiatus of some 10 years whilst Cullen focussed on finalising his PhD, whilst maintaining “gainful employment”  and continuing to be a loving hubbie and wonderful dad to my three eldest grand chickadees – so no time for “skydiving”.  Phew!!!…

Now here he is “at it again”… and chucking himself out into the “wide blue yonder above our wide brown land, here in South Australia… 

All but scares the life out of me but… there you go…

Who could ever deny anyone they love so deeply one of their greatest pleasures in life.

It’s not always easy being mum… so I “keep mum”…



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13 thoughts on “Being mum…

  1. It would scare the life out of me too, I hate heights, although do not feel at all uncomfortable about getting on a plane – although the last flight I took from Sydney to Wagga was a little hair razing!

    • Oh, hooley dooley Julie. The first time he threw his precious body out of an aeroplane, some 15 or so years ago, I didn’t know anything about it until he was sitting in my lounge room and showing me the vid… SHUDDER …but a wise way to introduce his “mudder” to a terrifying fact, I reckon 🙂
      It’s ladders etc… that worry me rather than aeroplanes but some of the small ones can be rather scary. Adelaide to Kangaroo Island was a bit of fright. WAGGA WAGGA …NSW… how I remember thee 🙂 My hubbie and I eloped and this is where we married 😀 …

      • Oh yes, ladders and I are not good friends. Can not even manage one of those stools you can stand on without holding on. Elopement to Wagga, well that has got to be a good story for the family history books!

    • ha ha ha… yep, Deborah 🙂 … Then there’s the yet untold story of my only daughter who, at the age of 13, decided her joy in life was competitive diving. What a torture that was watching her throw HER “precious body” off a 6metre springboard into water. Doubly scary cos water is also a fearsome element, having almost drowned at about the age of 7 … phew!!! 😀

    • Yep… that is a very wise strategy, eh Kylie? After all you can’t get into too much of a panic when they’re sitting there alongside you, having survived the death defying activity… 😀 I didn’t know you had a son Kylie… how lovely.

  2. I’m paranoid about heights and especially edges so can’t quite imagine that I could do a jump, but who knows. Middle daughter did this in the Territory when we were still in Qld. I vividly remember the super-exuberance in her voice as she rang to tell me about. She had such a good time!!

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