As the first Anniversary of “Seeking Susan~Meeting Marie~Finding Family” is fast approaching I’m so pleased that my Family Stories are now going out to a wider audience via Geneabloggers.

My Ancestors certainly deserve to have their lives, endeavours, trials & tribulations, bravery, joys and sorrows recognised and honoured in this way. Thankyou
Thomas McEntee for establishing Geneabloggers and enabling us all to delight in the stories of other families.

To read about other new Genealogy Blogs featured this week, just click on the link below.

Cheerio for now… Catherine.


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Crout-Habel.

17 thoughts on “Geneabloggers

    • Thankyou so much. The only reason I signed up is because a Blog I love and follow, in the USA, posted a brilliant story in their “Friday Fun” section and I thought that’s what I want to do too… i.e finish my week with some jokes, fun etc. However, now I am feeling that my Ancestors are nodding their collective heads in agreement… and my grandmother is kind of sucking her teeth and muttering…”about time”… ha ha ha…

  1. Congratulations on almost one year, Catherine! Glad you chose to make the announcement of your blog on GeneaBloggers. I found the notice there this morning.

    I particularly liked one point you made in your introduction:
    “Most are not terribly interested in trawling through names, dates and places but are fascinated with the lives of their Ancestors.”

    I heartily agree!

    Looking forward to following your progress in revealing these fascinating family stories. Welcome to GeneaBloggers.

    • What a surprise, and a delight, to hear from you Jacqi and thanks SO much for your encouraging words. I reckon that many of us are familiar with the “glazed eye look” from loved ones if we keep “rabbiting on” with endless dates etc. but tell them about Great Uncle … who… and their eyes light up 🙂 …
      Seriously, I’ve already recorded and continue to research the facts/dates etc… but it’s “the meat on the bones” which often gets missed. My head is full of so much of this which needs to be passed on… so doing the best I can before I too “fall off the twig”. 🙂
      Thanks again for your welcome, Jacqi and Cheerio for now.

  2. Geneabloggers is brilliant – I’m glad you’ve joined. And I completely agree about the meat on the bones. ‘My ancestor was born in 18… wake up!’ versus ‘My ancestor was arrested hiding up his father’s chimney’.

    Looking forward to your first anniversary! Will there be cake?

    • Thanks Frances… well, my Anniversary is on Australia Day so a big “slap up” feast should be the order of the day, I reckon, and you’re invited 🙂 … and a cake just for you… what do you fancy? … a chocolate cake, fruit cake, sponge filled with jam & cream, or…???

  3. So glad you’ve joned geneabloggers Catherine. It is such an amazing resource for all of us. You’ve certainly made an impact in your first year of blogging and that’s because people love your stories. We’re all on the same page about the stories being more important than just dates. Love Frances’s comment!

    • You’ve been such a great blogger friend from almost the very beginning Pauleen, constantly encouraging and inspiring me, so a big THANKYOU to you!!!… by the way, I’ve often wondered how you found my little blog way back then? … I remember saying to Kirrily “Hooley Dooley” a person named Pauleen actually likes my writing and then did what Fi would describe as “a happy dance” 😀

    • Thankyou Sheryl and you would know how much I LOVE your blog about your Grandmother, my Miss Muffly, whom I adore. Of course I only know her as a teenager 🙂 Thanks for bringing us her daily diary writings of 100 years ago to us and I loved your recent post showing her BEAUTIFUL handwriting 🙂 … as you know.

  4. Congratulations on such a first successful year as a blogger. I too was very grateful to be put in touch with geneabloggers by another (and there are not many of us) British blogger. It made all the difference as to how my blog developed and gained followers. Good louck for your 2nd year – I look forard to reading more of your posts. .

    • Thanks so much Susan. I’m such a newcomer but it didn’t take very long to discover Geneabloggers but really couldn’t see much point in it, for me, until I read Andrea’s “Fun Friday” post and loved the thought of finishing off my busy week with a bit of a fun post/joke which “tickles my fancy”… so figured I should sign up to Geneabloggers instead of being simply an onlooker. Thanks for always being such a great support up there “on the borders” to my down here in “the antipodes” 😀

  5. Catherine ~ I couldn’t agree more! Your ancestors certainly do deserve their lives told and honored, especially by one who cares deeply! I have enjoyed browsing your posts and will be back to read more! Very nice work!

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