A Precious Christmas Gift…

Cousin Geoff (c) 2012 G.Embleton

Cousin Geoff (c) 2012 G.Embleton

Dear Catherine,

Look, I very well know that you must be the most distant relative I have ever found. But somehow that does not really matter. We have so similar philosophies with our family tree quests. I just love it.
It’s a funny thing that all of what you have said and shown via the modern communications these days has made, for me at least, this year more “christmassy” than I can remember for a long, long time.
So Catherine, thank you so much. I and with my brother Brian and sister Maureen send you all good wishes. And also wish you all the first cousins seven and now eight times “removed” a Merry Christmas.
Thankyou Geoff for a Christmas Gift which brought more pleasure than I can say… Many thanks also for happily giving permission for me to publish your message and photo.
Copyright (c) 2012. Geoff Embleton.

13 thoughts on “A Precious Christmas Gift…

    • Certainly lots of frustrations Frances but I’m finding, more and more, that the joy far outweighs the frustrations. How lucky am I to have received this gift, eh?… Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  1. I love this letter! “Wish you all the first cousins seven and now eight times “removed” a Merry Christmas.” That statement is so awesome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Catherine. 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing Andrea… I shared Geoff’s wishes with my grown-up children on Christmas Day and in the midst of all the fun, laughter, over-eating and indulgence they paused to truly reflect on the significance of this Christmas message. Thankyou for this joyous comment and wishing you, and yours, all the best for this Festive Season, the year to come and all the years after.

    • Thanks Kirrily Ann… am SO happy that Geoff gave me permission to publish his email and photo. Not sure if I made it clear, on Christmas Day, that Geoff is the cousin who passed on the info about our Ancestor John Thomas Crout and his “daring deeds” upon “the high seas” way back…

    • Thanks Kerryn. Am sure you’ll agree that it’s SO wonderful when someone actually says “thanks” and Geoff did do it so eloquently 🙂 I can never thank HIM enough for so willingly sharing his info!!! … and we’ve lot’s more work to do together, in the future. Colour me happy 😀

    • Indeed it is Kristin, but even if it’s not a blood “rellie” how wonderful it is to have dear long-time friends actually say “thankyou” and especially explain why your contact with them is so special. I’m humbled by Geoff’s message.

    • Sure is Pauleen and I also received a lovely thankyou message, in a Christmas Card, from one of my husband’s “Hembury” relatives whom I tracked down for the “Hembury Family History Book” and met at the book launch/ reunion Nov 2012.
      Message to self: make sure you continue to show appreciation to those whom give so much of themselves and not only in regard to Family History Research. I’m such a “lucky ducky”. Thankyou Pauleen for being such a true and constant friend.

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