I won’t be home for Christmas

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the house decorated and lights up. The fridge is bulging with food and drinks. Just a few more “sleeps” and my loved ones will be here to spend a day full of fun, laughter, sharing of family memories and good cheer. What a joy and what a delight but still there is a sadness in my heart.

Of course I miss my mum and dad and memories of some sad times surface but there is a deeper sadness in my heart this Christmas. Without knowing it, my eldest son tapped into this perfectly with his blog post:  http://cullenofadelaid.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/christmas-and-recipe-for-gravy.html

Happens that just a few days ago I got confirmation of something I was dreading. i.e. that a dear friend, and distant relation, will not be home for Christmas as we were hoping. The Parole Board is yet to make a final decision as to whether to grant him release, “on parole”. He wrote “LOOKS LIKE I AM ‘IN’ FOR CHRISTMAS 2012. Ooo HHH WELL”.

I know he’s giving the impression of “toughing it out” but also know how devasted he is because of the high hopes we’ve all shared that he will finally be spending Christmas again with family and loved ones. Children have grown up, grandchildren have been born and it’s well over time for the family/ families to be re-connected.

Paul Kelly describes this situation so perfectly in this song which Cullen posted on his Blog without even being aware of the present situation with his distant cousin.

May we all remember those who are far from family this Christmas and open our hearts.


Copyright © Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

6 thoughts on “I won’t be home for Christmas

  1. I posted the song for a whole bunch of reasons but had some sense that there was something going on with the guy you’re talking about. What a huge disappointment.
    The song has so many layers that it can apply to anyone, but in this specific case it perfectly nails it, too. It’s the human story of sadness at being away from the “warts and all” Christmas lunch, and how being locked up deprives you of more than just your freedom..

    • Oh yes Cullen… I haven’t burdened my immediate family with the stories of endless delays despite positive psychiatric reports etc. For those who like to refer to Prison as “a Country Club” they have no idea of the reality!
      Thanks for posting the song… it enabled me to have a good old cry and get back to Christmas preparations and happy thoughts 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this Catherine. There is so much focus on “Christmas is happy” that those with a sadness, especially around socially unsympathetic issues such as this, or family feuds and fractures, carry the added burden of smiling wile sad and not revealing their emotional pain. Christmas is simply not 100% perfect pleasure for every family.

    • Indeed Pauleen… Christmas can be a sad time for many. As a wrote in your Christmas Geneameme my mum was a wonderful role model of putting extreme sorrow to one side and focussing on making Christmas a fun time for the children. Am so pleased that my youngest son spontaneously invited a friend to join us for Christmas Dinner, rather than being alone. Beautiful to see the Christmas Spirit shining through with our young ones, isn’t it?

    • “Sad either way” … indeed Kristin. I have a few who choose not to be here, any more, for Christmas and reckon this is the saddest of all but force myself not to focus on it. Hoping your Christmas was happy and bright and the New Year brings even more blessings to you and yours. Thanks for enriching my life.

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