Changes afoot…

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer (Photo credit: janten)

Well, here I am with a new computer, “Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9” and am trying out “Windows Live Writer”, as an alternative way of writing and publishing my blog.

I wonder how it will go?


Copyright © 2012. Catherine Crout-Habel

4 thoughts on “Changes afoot…

    • Thanks for your good wishes Sheryl. It certainly is very challenging, but also incredibly exciting, and with just a touch of frustration chucked in “for good measure”. 😀

  1. I always love the concept of new technology then comes all the challenging installations etc etc. I’d be interested in hearing more about Live Writer….a follow up post in a while perhaps?

    • Embarrassed to admit I’d had my new comp for many months and had no idea how to set it all up/transfer records etc. Then my daughter & youngest grandchild came visiting and him (aged 7), with his laptop tucked under his arm, to show me his latest school project. This led to Kirrily sitting down with me… and watching her begin the “long winded” process gave me the courage to just have a go and now there’s no stopping me 😀
      “Live Writer” doesn’t seem to have much to offer, although I really haven’t given it much of a try… However “One Note” is what I’m focussing on, right now, and seems it will be “just the ticket” for me sharing the family research with my Canadian Cousin, June. If it works, as I hope, sure would be a useful post for others I reckon. Thanks Pauleen.

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