4 thoughts on “My Beautiful Roisin

  1. Oh Kerryn, thankyou… brings a tear to my eye and a deep longing in my heart. It was my first visit to Ireland when I truly understood our Aboriginal Australian’s “link to the land”… for Erin and I are soul connected in some inexplicable way but my life/loved ones are here in Oz. So, “torn between two countries” rings true for me. Added to that, Maria has the voice of an Angel.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Catherine. The voice of an angel and evocative lyrics. Makes me think of all our ancestors who came across the seas to build a new life in Australia.

    • Thankyou Fi… it is glorious, indeed. Wonderful to see you managed to post a comment. Seems those pesky little “internet fairies” are behaving themselves, at the moment 😀 … I’ll have to see if I can trick them too. {chuckle}

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