My Canadian Cousins

How can one describe the amazement, euphoria and sheer exhilaration in not only finding that missing link in your “family story” but also making the personal connection and with the knowledge that your long lost relatives are as delighted as you are to have found each other ??? …

I’ve posted many stories about my dad, Harry Scarborough Crout, who came to Australia as part of the Dreadnought Scheme at the tender age of 16.  His intention was never to stay in Australia but simply to make lots of money to take back home to his beloved “mam”. Seems that the little boy that my dad was, at that time, really did buy into the myth/ propaganda that Australia’s roads were all but “paved with gold”.

Life’s events over took my father when his mum, Marie (Ogilvie) Crout died way before her time. Dad said that when his “mam” died he never had anything “to go home” for. He was 19 years old, alone and adrift in these strange country of Australia right in the midst of “The Great Depression”.

Harry Scarborough Crout, riding pillion, aged 17 – 1929 (c) C.Crout-Habel

Family “stories” come and go and I’ve found that some are complete fabrications but, more often than not, there is a grain of truth in every one which simply needs to be teased out… and so it was with my dad’s story of his father as a Clarionet Player in the British Army.

The most recent of my posts, re: dad’s father, was on the Gould “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge“, titled “Mm is for – Mysterious Musicians and Mariners”.  Since then my email connections have almost gone into melt down and not just because of this blog post.

Long story to short, I now have a photo of my Grandfather, as a very young man, to compare with that of the 1899 photo of the “2nd Dragoon Guards.” Best of all is that the photos just keep flooding in, along with recently discovered “Canadian Cousins” equally excited as I am to share our family stories.  

This is the only photo I’ve had, to date, of my paternal grandfather – my mysterious musician, but which “likely lad” is he… and maybe he was “off sick” on that day?

Just perused a photo sent by one of my newly discovered “Canadian Cousins” to try help with the identification. Will put it on-line when June gives her approval 

Lots more stories and photos to come, as my newly discovered Canadian Cousins share their memories. How lucky am I, eh? Bursting out with happiness and just had to share.


Copyright © 2012. C.A.Crout-Habel. “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family

16 thoughts on “My Canadian Cousins

    • Oh Mandy… can you believe it? Hard for me to stop crying with the happiness of this latest discovery/ connection with my Crout family. Am remembering all the work we’ve done in sorting out our “Burton boys”. My mum would call it “spade work”. Thanks for your continuing support & encouragement Mandy. Would never have got this far without it xxx

    • It is such a joy eh? … the emails between my newly discoverd Canadian cousins, and myself, just keep flying back and forth because we’re all “in seventh heaven” with the delight of it all. Thanks for the caring 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jo for subscribing to my posts and for your pleasure in my almost out of control delight. Oh, the wonder of it all. So keen to share the info that’s flooding in but mindful of the need to get the approval of those providing it before putting it “on-line” and out there to share with the world.

    • Ohhh, sure does Susan!!! 🙂 I know that the “Ancestry” website is often looked down on and agree that one needs to be very careful when dealing with any of these commercial genealogical sites but it was only when my daughter decided to “dabble” and phoned me late one night, a couple of years ago, saying… “Mum, mum… did you know that Grandad had a sister???” that I even realised the Internet resources that now available and then went on the hunt. Colour me HAPPY 😀 Thanks for caring Susan.

  1. Woohoo party time! How amazing to make those connections with family so far away. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?! So looking forward to hearing further outcomes, seeing the photo and learning which clarinet player he was.

    • Pauleen, I am totally in LUV with the Internet 😀 … June said that’s it’s really hard to tell which of them is our shared Grandad given the straps under their chins which distort their faces… but her best guess is the third row up and third gentleman in from the right.
      Now that she’s sent a photo of him, aged about 35, I reckon the second fellow in, from the right, is more likely to be “our man” whom she says was proficient in all woodwind instruments… especially the “bassoon” etc etc.
      How lucky am I to now be in contact with a cousin whom, as a child, shared a home with our Grandad, describes herself as “the repository” of all the family documents/ stories and is willing to share.
      Thanks so much Pauleen for all your encouragement in my pursuing these rather mysterious “rellies” of mine. 🙂

      • Sounds like you’ve hit a human goldmine Catherine. It is thrilling when someone you meet knew the ancestor “in the flesh” and can suddenly bring them to life. The photograph even seems less important now. Your cousin is probably just as pleased to have a fellow devotee 🙂

  2. Absolutely correct Pauleen 🙂 … June and I are SO delighted to share the family stories/ photographs and documented evidence. Am so frustrated that my attention has been diverted temporarily because of pressing “day to day” matters. Thankfully June understands, has not broken off contact, and continues to send photos etc. Thanks so much for your continuing support, and encouragement, Pauleen.

  3. Hello Catherine,
    I had tears in my eyes finding your post and so thrilled for you.
    My quest is to find a photo of William Josiah James born in Dover Kent in 1878. He attested to the 2nd dragoon guards at age 14 and married a Yorshire lass in 1901. So your post about Fulford in Yorks, And the photo of the bandsman made my heart leap with possibilities of finding a photo. He was a trumpeter and in 1899 he would be age 21yrs so I’m hoping someone in the family screams out and says that’s him!

    I wonder if our relatives served together. Mine also went to SA and was severely wounded in the battle of Lewkoop on 1 April 1902 and is mentioned in colonel Dewars diary of that day. The dragoons took at battering there.
    Anyway, wanted to wish you will and thank you for your most enjoyable post.
    Take care,


    • Hi Tracey,

      I am Catherine’s daughter, Kirrily. Mum passed away last month and so now I am the administrator of her blog.

      Thanks for your post, best wishes on you search. I wonder too if our relatives served together….


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