Nn is for – No News on the “Nashwauk” anchor

Hopefully the old proverb “No news is good news” will prove to be correct regarding the whereabouts, and well-being, of the “Nashwauk” anchor. The plan has always been that this “Family History Through the Alphabet” post would be titled, “News on the Nashwauk anchor”, as a follow up to my initial post “Safe Return of the ‘Nashwauk’ anchor”, but I’ve been forced to change the plan because, try as I might, no news is forthcoming.

My Susan, one of the people for whom this Blog is named, arrived in South Australia in a “bride ship”, the “Nashwauk”. It ran aground/ was wrecked off our south coast on 13 May 1855. You can read about the wreck, the young Irish girls carried ashore on the backs of sailors and the recovery of the ship’s anchor, some 70 years later, by clicking HERE. You will also read about the sterling work of the Australian National Museum, under the direction of Dr Reid, in restoring and putting the anchor on display last year as part of the splendid Irish in Australia Exhibition titled, “Not Just Ned”.

With my 3 brothers, mum and the Nashwauk Anchor circa 1954. (c) 2012. C.Crout-Habel

After following up the concerns of a number of people I was delighted to report, in April 2012, that the anchor was safely back in South Australia, there would be a “consultation process” re: it’s eventual placement and all was well with the world. That was four months ago. The last news I had, from the person in charge of the Project, was two  months ago and his advice was:

“No news as yet just waiting on engagement strategy to be signed off from Senior Management. Will let you know when I have something to show you.”

With this blog post coming up I contacted him about three weeks ago and no reply. Then I wrote to the Lady Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga advising of the situation and that I had a Blog post waiting to be written. Ms Rosenberg’s reply was immediate in letting me know that this gentlemen had left the employ of the council and she would follow up on my request. Hearing nothing further, for almost 2 weeks, I emailed again and was informed:

“I am waiting for a staff response.”

So, yesterday I rang the Moana Caravan Park, whom I understood had the “Nashwauk” anchor in their safe-keeping, and was told they knew nothing other than that the Council was planning to consult with the public. grrr… My next “port of call” was the receptionist at the Council and, “bless her little cotton socks”, Crystal was the first person who talked any sense and actually got some action happening. Within half an hour the young woman, who had taken on the Senior Project Manager’s job, was on the phone to me. She had only started work the previous day but was meeting with her manager the next day (today) and that was high on her list of priorities for discussion. I was assured she would phone, or email, immediately after the meeting. The silence is deafening.

So, there you have it folks. It’s now been 2 years since our Anchor was taken to share with the rest of Australia and I’m losing patience. It may be said that “No news is good news” but, for me…

© Copyright 2012. C.A.Crout-Habel.  “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family”

16 thoughts on “Nn is for – No News on the “Nashwauk” anchor

  1. I can hear your growl factor loud and clear all the way up here. Have you thought of turning radical and picketing the council offices. You know the drill “what do want? The anchor! when do we want it? NOW!” Good luck -I know that ultimately your dogged persistence will win out -they don’t know who they’re messing with! Crystal might be your hidden asset.

    • Love it Pauleen… I know the chant well 🙂 … I was pretty “rad” in my earlier years and can feel the anger rising. Am remembering my first protest march and the terror because of Nana’s experience during the Depression when she was beaten around the head, with a baton by a “Special Constable” mounted on a horse, whilst trying to protect her child … my mum. Must try to find the photo on “Trove”. Maybe I need to write a blog post about that, eh? …
      With that first march and the “fire in my belly” and the “anger in my heart” I positioned myself somewhere that seemed safe but from which I could easily escape if things turned nasty. HA HA HA …
      Crystal may well turn out to be a precious little gem, indeedie 🙂 …

      • You must! Both do the rad thing and write a post…it would be great reading. Sounds all too familiar of my father’s story of seeing the treatment during the railway strike in Brisbane in 1948. His warning was to me to not march in the big civil liberties march in Brisbane in 1967 because of what could happen. The synchronicity just keeps getting weirder 🙂

    • Oh, you are SO right Kerryn!!! … What you’re seeing now is “the calm before the storm” and the rage is building… indeed it is… Am also remembering my darling mum’s advice to … “just give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”.
      I choose to think that this is simply not a priority for them, so I need to change their minds. Am also trying to picture Mr G…. (former Senior Projects Manager) scarpering across the Onkaparinga Hills with Susan’s anchor strapped to his back 😀 HA HA HA!!! … highly unlikely, I reckon.

  2. Oh Pauleen… the synchronicity just about blows me away. It’s a wondrous thing and is surely meant to be.
    Now I’m “up to speed” with the “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge” might just be able to find a bit of breathing space, and emotional strength, to write that story… which my children, and their children, and their children need to know. i.e. how their Great Grandmother, when involved in a peaceful march protesting the treatment of unemployed workers during the “Great Depression” were set upon and beaten viciously by the “Special Constables” …shiver…. Thanks for always being such an amazing support Pauleen from the very moment I first started blogging.

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  4. It will happen, but nothing ever happens quickly with a Council. but hopefully Crystal can make things happen quicker for you. But I do like the idea of picketing too … and that other blog post. Sometimes I find that I really need to be able to thumbs up or +1 a comment, alas you can’t with blogs … but great comments from everyone above: +1 from me

    • Thanks Alona… I agree that we should be able to give a “thumbs up or +1” for comments on blogs and thanks to everyone for your comments. Picture me as a “geriatric hippy”, Alona, with long straggly grey hair, flowing down to my waist, and “picketing” the Onkaparing Council Chambers 😀 … All I actually need is a straight answer. Am mindful of the need to give the new person a little time to acclimatise and am hopeful of at least a reply very soon.

      • Catherine, FYI, you can add a Google+ button to your posts by going to Dashboard, Sharing and then adding the button to the enabled section. I went through this some months ago. Let me know if it doesn’t work. The like button you have serves much the same purpose as a thumbs up. When I have to deal with the myriad captcha hoo-haa on blogspot etc blogs, I sometimes revert to just “liking” the post.

  5. Thanks for your tip Pauleen. Have added the Google+ button, although not sure what it actually does. Doubt that it’ll enable readers to give a “like” to a comment on one of my blog posts as Alona is suggesting… but “no worries”… and giving it a try.
    Glad I’m not the only person who finds “the myriad captcha hoo-haa on blogspot etc blogs” somewhat challenging. I mean… how STUPID are some of them? …. Such a frustration when trying to give a well considered respones to a post and “captcha” keeps rejecting it. Don’t have time to waste and, nowdays, if “captcha” rejects my initial attempt to “comment” I just dump it.

    • There is a little “LIke” Star under the other link buttons on your page, or if someone goes directly to your post they should be able to give it lots of green stars. Yes captcha does my head in, not to mention my crossed-eyes. Sometimes I dump the comments but I know how much I like getting comments so I do try 🙂 Ironically I’ve heard of Blogspot and other bloggers complain about WP….little do they know 😉

  6. An update, to let everyone know that I finally made contact with the person now responsible for the “Naswauk Anchor”. She’s assured me that it’s safe and sound in storage at the “Moana Tourist Park” and the Public Consultation process is expected to take place within the next two months. Because I don’t live in the area, she’s made a note to contact me when they begin the Consultation however I’ll keep an eye on their Local Paper, “The Southside” Messenger newspaper, just in case she forgets 😀

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  8. Another update… about a month ago I got back to the Onkaparinga Council as it was way past the time the “consultation process” was expected to begin. Anyone who has persisted with questions to any bureacracy, which either doesn’t have the matter high on their agenda or is attempting a “cover up”, could write the script. i.e. I got passed “from pillar to post” and everyone I tried to converse with were “at a meeting” HA!… Finally, I left a message with the receptionist, advising the person responsible that if I hadn’t heard from her by 2pm the next day I’d have no choice but to take it to “the Media”. Like magic we had instant action… phew!!!
    I’m getting tired of the “carry on”, and am running out of puff, so reckon I need to find some supporters e.g. the local History group, to make sure that this valuable object does not just “disappear”.

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