Hump Week

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge

We’re now about half way through the Gould “Family History Through the Alphabet” challenge and it seems that no-one is jumping out of the “starting blocks” right now.  

Am wondering if we’ve all hit the proverbial “Hump Week/ Day” or is it just me?

For others who also started at the beginning of this challenge, whenever that was, have kept going but are now struggling to keep the momentum going … be assured that you are not alone. PUFF PUFF PUFF

Hope to meet again at the end of this self imposed torture 🙂  and share in an almighty celebration. Cheers, Catherine.

6 thoughts on “Hump Week

  1. Oh Julie… so so love your posts and sorry I don’t “comment” more often. Constantly amazed at the number of books you read/ review and all your Family History Challenge posts. Sorry if I seem to have given a wrong impression… no criticism intended, not at all.

    • That gorgeous grandson of yours Kerryn is well worth being distracted by, eh? 🙂 … I’m delighted to have been contacted recently by a few “distant cousins” which is such a delight and quite a WONDERFUL distraction 🙂 … Love your post 🙂

    • You came up with such a FANTASTIC one Alona … I love it 🙂 I’ve had my “Kk – is for…” since day 1, just having trouble organising my thinking and actually getting it done but AM making progress 🙂

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