Grave Concerns Concluded

“Thankyou for your submission. It has been forwarded to the appropriate officer for action.”

Whooo Hooo!!! … made it just by the skin of my teeth”. My submission to the South Australian Draft Bill for Burial & Cremation 2012″ hit the appropriate desk computer, at the A-G’s office, on the afternoon of the deadline 4 July 2012.

If you’d like a copy of these compliments to the South Australian Government for their initiative and commonsense, as well as suggestions for further improvement, just let me know and I’ll email a copy.

For those new to this topic and interested in the background: on 22 Jun 2012, as part of Gould’s “Family History Through the Alphabet” challenge, I posted Gg – is for Grave concerns”.  My concern being that of the Grave of my Great Grandmother and the very real threat she will be dug up, bones stuffed into a small box, replaced and someone plonked on top..” You can read about it here.

A genealogical FBook friend then advised of the South Australian’s “Draft Bill for Burial & Cremation 2012” which was open for public consultation. I wrote about this in “More Grave Concerns but of the happy kind…” 

Lastly, in order to assist those who’d expressed concern over the short time frame, in which to respond, I posted Grave Concerns & shortcuts for commenting…”

When it was “done”, I “took a Bex and had a good lie down” –  “Joke Joyce”

happy that I can complain interminably when they take no notice, whatsoever, of my suggestions. Cheers…


As an aside: One of the things I LOVE about Family History is the amazing things you discover, quite by chance. eg. When looking for links to “Bex” I discovered it was manufactured here in Dudley Park, South Australia etc… The link to this info is:

Copyright © 2012. Catherine A. Crout-Habel  “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family”

6 thoughts on “Grave Concerns Concluded

    • Phew… I’m shocked, surprised, delighted, honoured, humbled and and and amazed! Thankyou Pauline. It’s the very last thing I would have expected. Cheers.

    • Ohhh… I sure was “sailing close to the wind” to get that task finished Kerryn. Glad you enjoyed it… yeah, Bex … was “mummy’s little helper” of the 1950’s. I remember being amazed at my girlfriend’s mum and the way she’d pull a Bex powder out of the box, open the paper, tip her head back and chuck it down. No water to wash it down, or anything 😦 Realised years later that she certainly was addicted. Been thinking about that Gorgeous new Grandson of yours and hope the lovely family is doing well. Cheers…

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