Indigenous Literature Week 2012

This cold and wintry weather is just perfect for snuggling down with a good book. You might like to join me, and others, in celebrating Indigenous Literature Week & NAIDOC Week (1-8 July 2012), right in the middle of the Australian “National Year of Reading 2012”, by choosing from a book written by an Indigenous person … not only Aboriginal, Torres Strait or Maori writers but all indigenous literature from anywhere in the world.

Your can find lists of exciting Indigenous Literature at ANZ Lit Lovers Lit Blog and/ or Stumbling Through the Past and browse to you heart’s content.

You might even like to join in with other “ANZ Lit Lovers”, sharing your choice and making comment…


Thanks to AUSFLAG for the image of the Aboriginal Flag.


Copyright (c) 2012. Catherine A. Crout-Habel. “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family”

9 thoughts on “Indigenous Literature Week 2012

    • My Pleasure Lisa… having been associated with NAIDOC week from 1991, both as a Social Justice Co-ordinator and teacher, I was most pleased to read about “Indigenous Lit Week”. I tweeted this post and it got picked up in the “Jill Ball Daily” yesterday (Mon.2.Jul.2012). Happy to have enabled a bit more publicity for this very worthwhile event. Thankyou!

      • You know, what I would really like would be for it to be picked up and taken over by an indigenous blogger, that’s my long-term goal. I’m just using whatever clout I’ve got, to get it started so that non-indigenous readers participate and get to know the wealth of great writing out there:)

      • Fantastic! We could co-host for a while, drawing on the readership of both blogs until it’s well-established and then I could hand over completely:)

      • Whooo hooo!!! … we’re sure on the same page 🙂 If I’m successful, how is the best way for an interested part/ parties to contact you?

      • My email address is on my blog, on the About page. I won’t add it here (to reduce the likelihood of spam) but it’s easy to find. However you will have my email address in your Comments dashboard, and I am happy for you to pass it on to anyone you trust.

    • Oh yes, completely understand Pauline. It’s a bit – puff puff puff – for me too right now… but what a wonderful list it is that Lisa’s compiled, eh? Ashamed to confess that only tonight did I email Raylene re: the possiblity of her group picking Lisa’s initiative up and running with. Hopefully they’ll be in the position to do so and what a “happy dance” I’ll be doing then… indeed I will 🙂

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