Grave Concerns & shortcuts for commenting….

It’s in the interest of us all to protect our Ancestor’s gravesites… so why not check out these “shortcuts” which will make commenting on the SA “Draft Burial & Cremation Bill 2012” an absolute breeze? …

Thanks to Gould Genealogy and their “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge” for being the motivation for “Grave Concerns” and “More Grave Concerns…” and to my Genealogy FaceBook friend for advising of the Draft Bill as well as those providing encouragement by commenting on the blog posts. What a team, eh?


The way in which the remains, memorials and documentation of our Ancestors are handled is crucially important to all Genealogists and Family Historians. We now have a very tight time-frame in which to influence the South Australian Government and bring about much needed improvement. I have a dream that the A-G’s office will be swamped with comments, some quite brief and from many corners of the earth, clearly showing this to be a matter of most serious concern and not just in this tiny part of the world we call South Australia.

Like me, you may find 37pages of “legalese” a lot to wade through, let alone analyse and provide comment on, by 4 July 2012… can you hear me squawking?… 😀  However, you can ask for an extension of time and these tips should help ease your way but firstly a word of warning. I tend to revert to my former “Junior Primary Teacher” habits and “over-explain”, so if I sound patronising, please forgive.

STEP (1)
Just click on “Your Say – South Australian Government” . This will bring up the Home Page with “Current Topics” listed. The first is the “Burial and Cremation Bill 2012”. Click on “view topic” which takes you through to a brief overview with links to:

(a)  Explanatory Notes (10 pages) … useful overall information
(b)  Draft Bill (37 pages) … the Bill in detail

Below this is a “Comments Section” for interatctive on-line comments, designed to promote discussion and give the Attorney-General feedback. You may like to comment here.

Comments on the Draft Bill, or any other related matters, can also be sent to:

Address:   Burial and Cremation Bill 2012 Consultation
                  c/o Legislative Services
                  Attorney-General’s Department
                  G.P.O. Box 464
                  ADELAIDE S.A. 5001


Fax:         (08) 8204 1337

STEP (2)
To download only those sections of the Bill which are of interest please refer to the following guide.

     (a)  Page 8-13: Disposal of Human Remains (burial, cremation, documents, exhumation & re-interment)
     (b)  Page 14-15: Central Register of Burials
     (c)  Page 16:  Establishment & Management of Cemeteries
     (d)  Page 17-22:  Closure of Cemeteries
     (e)  Page 22-24:  Interment Rights & Re-use of Interment Sites
     (f)   Page 25-26:  Memorials

STEP (3)
Consider these important miscellaneous matters.

     (a)  Page 13:  Prohibit the giving of death certificates to prevent those with a vested interest (e.g. Nursing Home owners, beneficiaries of the will, etc.) from signing the death certificate.
     (b)  Page 30:  Power of the Public Trustee if the owner of “the Grant” can not be located.
     (c)  Page 36:  Transitional provisions re: Interment rights.

So there you have it and if you’re running short on time just ask for an extension…   


Please note the South Australian Government’s Advice that “information contained in any submission may be referred to publicly or published. It may also be disclosed to applicants under the Freedom of Information Act.”

They also advise that “readers should not assume that any of the proposed changes will necessarily be made. The Government will decide on any changes only after considering submissions.”


Copyright © 2012. Catherine A. Crout-Habel.  “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family~

6 thoughts on “Grave Concerns & shortcuts for commenting….

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting. If you click on the links in this post you’ll get the full picture of what’s happening here in South Australia. Long to short many graves have only been able to be leased which often results in loved ones being dug up and and graves re-used. Traumatic for many, especially if they’ve moved interestate/ overseas etc.. and return to find the graves desecrated and their loved ones no longer R.I.P… New Legislation in South Australia is intended to improve matters and folks have an opportunity to influence the Government’s decision. This blog simply gives people some help in commenting on the Draft Bill, if that’s what they want to do. Thanks again, cheers…

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  2. An update… have received a “Freedom of Information” request from a politician, from the Legislative Assembly, to access my submission. Whooo Hooo!!! … Go for it! 🙂

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