Merry Month of May – My first live concert

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of mum singing as she went about her daily work, always wth a song on her lips and a tune in her heart. So it’s with great pleasure that I take up Pauline’s “Merry Month of May Music (& Melody) Meme”.

It’ll be fun retrieving memories and reflecting on how music and song has been, and continues to be, and important part of my life especially when the going gets tough.

“Fun & Frivolity” is the name of the game… so why not join in and do it your way… Oooh… am I channeling Frank Sinatra now? 🙂


Looking through the list of suggestions, “No3 – First live concert you attended” pops out at me as Johnny O’Keefe and the Delltones flash before my eyes, “SHOUT!” rings in my ears along with the screams of hundreds of teenage girls. Technically speaking it was not my first live concert but all those chidren’s shows paed into insignificance when “The Wild One”, Johnny O’Keefe, came to town.

It would have been about 1960, I was in the early years of High School and only allowed to attend the “Johnny O’Keefe Show”, at Centennial Hall, Adelaide, South Australia because my eldest brother, Ken, was chaperoning. So, so exciting!  The memory is indelibly imprinted on my brain.
     *  Girls were crying, screaming and fainting.
     *  The noise shook the walls.
     *  Police officers patrolled the front of the stage.
     *  “The Wild One” unbuttoned and flung back his black coat, showing 
         the red lining, and the screaming was ear shattering.
     *  I cried with happiness.
     *  My brother was grumpy ‘cos he couldn’t hear a word.

These were the early days of “JO’K” when he was still quite “wild”, by the standards of the day.  As his TV career took off, with shows such as “Six O’Clock Rock” & the “Johnny O’Keefe Show” he quietened down somewhat, even when he was singing “Shout”.  Am glad I got to see Johnny when he was still rather “naughty” 🙂

Choosing a favourite song to share was not easy.  “She’s My Baby” came runner-up simply because this version of “Shout” truly represents that memorable night of my first “adult” live show.

Here’s Australia’s “Wild Child” of the 1960’s for your entertainment and amusement… enjoy.


Copyright © 2012. Catherine Crout-Habel.  Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family

Let's go Merry Month of May-ing

Let’s go Merry Month of May-ing

9 thoughts on “Merry Month of May – My first live concert

  1. Love your story Catherine! Oh the screaming….shades of the Beatles but I reckon JOK was probably louder in his wild days. What fun you had (even if your brother didn’t -made me laugh). I think the best bit was actually being allowed to go. My friend and I were both very supervised so being allowed to go alone to the Beatles was just astonishing. Ah teenage memories. Classic.

    • Ahhh… the remembering sure is fun eh?… The Beatles were actually my second (and last) teenage concert. So lucky to get tickets. This time I went with girlfriends, and cried again 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it Pauline.

  2. Fantastic Mum, thanks for sharing. A generation later, it was me, in year 8 that was allowed to go and see “The Uncanny X Men” at the Festival Theatre. Nowhere near as grand as JOK or the Beatles, but how wonderful, and what sensational memories of special moments in our teenage years! How wonderful to share and relive them.

    • Ha Ha Ha!!! I’d forgotten about you and “The Uncanny X Men” Kirrily Ann. Thanks for the reminding – fun memories… I look at JOK’s “manoevres” and wonder why they now look obscene to me 🙂 … Did you know that Andrew O’Keefe on “Deal or No Deal” is Johnny O’Keefe’s nephew? … showmanship must be in their genes, eh?

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